Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Topology of the day!


The day was dedicated to the next round of an interview. Man, was my stomach a pack of butterflies or what. And I had hoped not to qualify too :(. Sigh. Khair :):) The interview went well. I was honestly able to explain my issue, and they were able to understand my issue. So the issue that was bugging me is gone! (Have I said the word ''issue'' too many times?).

So that's another job opportunity out of the window. I was a lil on the sad side to see a lot of qualified guys there - looking for jobs too. They definitely need it more than us :S:S.. (not generalizing but seriously, the three girls that were there including me - we don't have any pressure on us, nor any financial responsibility to actually go for this and be extremely disappointed if we don't get it). I was only disappointed because I'd just felt great to be able to start contributing productively to society. Guess that's just not meant to be.

I should really learn how to make that chicken chargha -

The good part is that went to sisters' afterwards, and had a nice time with bhanju wanju. He's got the remarkabl-est ability to make you forget your ghams and concentrate on just ... playing and fooling around :D. And the cutest bit is that he's started with his first (rather, second) word now. First it was amma, mammaa... and now it all abbaa... bababbababa... :D. He just can't stop saying it. And don't even ask how nehaaal his father is :D:D:D Masha Allah.

Then, we had our second class of Architecture of Chip Multiprocessors. And we did coooooooool stuff in it. Get this. The lecture today was on interconnection strategies - how will the 4 cores in a quad-core processor be interconnected ? What are the topologies that can be used. And what are the performance parameters in each topology. So we were given an intro to the 6 parameters. They were -
1. Network Size (no. of nodes in the network, or cores in a chip multiprocessor :P),
2. Degree of node (no. of input/output connections a single node has),
3. Diameter of network (Number of links in the shortest path between the furthest pair of nodes),
4. Arc Connectivity (Minimum number of communication links that can be removed to break it into two disconnected networks),
5. Bisection Width (Minimum number of communication links that can be removed to break it into two equal sized disconnected networks) and
6. Cost (total number of links/connections). Now for a simple diagram like a linear array.....

 The network size = 4 ... the degree = 1 and 2, diameter = 3, Bisection width = 1, Arc Connectivity = 1, and cost = 3. Simple Wimple. But now what if you have something like this:

OR this...

then comes the enjoyable times in class. Oh, the joys of using one's brain :D. To make it all more complicated (read, fun), the teacher had asked us to express all the parameters in terms of the network size (denoted by N). So mental math had to be done, and fast!....

I enjoyed myself :). Alhamdulillah.

Topology of life

The mesh we're all in
Encloses our existence
Traps our dreams
Captures our hopes
The topology is dynamic
Each day adds new nodes
Of confusion, direction
Their degree, infinite really
Too many advices, too many decisions
The bus is the same, and unique
Each human is different no?
But the topology is dynamic
Our network grows - connections increase
Diameters span continents, and oceans
The rings of friends, our circles, our security
Offer comfort, and beauty within ourselves
The dimensions of our existence evolve
As we discover each new twist of fate
And wonder at the variation of it all
No wonder, the network grows
And topology remains dynamic

Copyright Uni_Punched_in_the_Gut-oony 2010


Anas Imtiaz said...

Talking like a real geek there :D

Ahmar said...

this post was, well..you start by telling something you will be sad about although it sounds like not so much..then comes the so happy class part (btw I lost you towards the end in the explanation, I am too tired to concentrate :P)...and then the end with punched in the gut oony....
whats wrong xyz oony :P?

and hey :D, I am logged in onto blogger , great!!!

Uni said...

Um, not really. This was taught like it's the basics and it really was. I just pointed out the hypercube and the binary fat tree to emphasize that calculating these parameters for these complicated figures are NOT easy. But fun :D

Lol. What nice paradoxes exist in life... :P.
And no prob about not getting stuff. I was being taught and many a times had my mouth open in confusion lol. Congrats!

Thanks both for dropping by!

Nikki. said...

You should have studied English Literature rather than Networking...Ur a mad cow...how can u invent such an awesome poem thinking of what NETWORKING!

PS; sorry at the mad cow...that was just a joke :P

Shuaib said...

Wow, we have a geek girl in the making. :P

Uni said...

You sound like this teacher of mine who said something similar a long time back :P. But nahi bhui, interest kee baat hoti hay. Mujhay kahaan Shakespeare samajh anay laga.


Geek? Not at all :P. Its just a review of a lecture I was a part of.

Thanks both for dropping by!

Shuaib said...

lol. Geek is supposed to be a compliment in the inner circle. :P Anyway, keep the good posts rolling in.

Uni said...

Lol.. and I'm a modest person :P:P:P
That's why I didn't agree with you :)

Thanks so much!

Asma said...

Haaayay networks was one of my fave course in my BS days .. what a reminder :>

majworld said...

oh u studying related to my field :)nd how u giving interview when in 3rd semester :S ..anywayz gud luck with ur studies and interview :)

Uni said...

Nice :)

I never did like networking (networks achay thay :P)... I dunno. Router configurations? Booooring...!

But this course is architecture-based. Us main network topologies parhnay ka maza aur hayy :D

Well, yeah everything is related nowadays waisay to :). I was giving interview because my MS classes are evening ones. Many classmates are doing a job.
Thanks very much!

Thanks both for dropping by!!

majworld said...

Ya, everything is related sumhow :).Oh ok..i thought u were studying in bachelors 3rd semester :)..anyways good luck for the job hunt..

Uni said...

Ahan, sahee. Thanks so much!