Friday, July 9, 2010

C it her way!

This is in response to a wonderful poem, written by Shagufta on her blog: C it my way! Thank you so much :):) and here's my thank you gesture :P...

 So you wrote for three people - I'm writing for only one! :)

C it her way

It hasn't been long that she's been around
But man, has she managed to astound
The blogosphere with her words, so deep
The "awards" for which, she's already reaped

Her personality shines through her post
As through life's ups & downs, she coasts
Her blog beams out a message of hope
With hilarious events, and how she copes
With trouble and pain, nobody really deserves
But it's part of life, & for everybody, reserved

I hope she sails through the bad times with ease
And definitely, her sister, she manages to please
That she keeps up her posts, so heartfelt and kind
And that she always cleans her kitchen on time!

I'll stop this silly poem with a duaĆ”
That please Allah (SWT) Make Shagufta
A  wonderful person to her family and friends
A joy to be around, a person to send
A gazillion such wishes and duaas for her life
To be full of laughter, happiness and very little strife

Copyright Uni Grateful-oony 2010


shaguftaabbas said...





*conscious again*


Thats the besssstest thing ever! ^_^ I feel so loved! Thankoooooo!! Inna shaaaraaa!!


Ahmar said...

I read both poems, masha'Allah,look at the love of you two :P...
Allah buri nazar se bachayey ;)

Uni said...

:D.. lol. It's contagious, your enthusiasm... so much so that it woke u up after 'fainting' :P:P

Well, you're welcome bhui... !

Khush raho :D

Ameeen :D

Nikki. said...

hahahah I just cant believe u too :P

Bahadur Hussain said...

Haha now this is amazing!

Uni said...

:D.. Well, mine was just a thank you gesture. The initial gesture was just amazing :)

Lol :) Thanks for dropping by!

shaguftaabbas said...

Lol :P It wasn't my enthusiasm, it were your words!! haye haye! :D

tum bhi khush raho bitya! ;P

@ Ahmar-
Aameeen! :D

Uni said...

:D aww.. nice. My words can make somebody faint. Wah :D.. yeh to bari achi baat hay!

Jee shukria boht amma jee


shaguftaabbas said...

*drops by this post aiwaen mai pata nahi kahan say and looks at my above comments and wonders if I ever was that enthusiastic*

Okay I feel like I just had a red bull!
Thaankkk yooooooooouuu agaaaaaiinnnn! ^_^


Uni said...

:D:D.. I remember this (dobara read kia) :D:D..Thanks again for writing the poem mentioning me, first :D


Thanks for dropping by aeween hee :)

shaguftaabbas said...

Hey, I don't know how I ended up here but I am glad I did.
Thank you, for everything! :)

(PS. It's so embarrassing to see how I was, but meh. Thanks for coping up with me)

Uni said...

You're very welcome :-). I read this poem again and was glad I wrote it. Lol even I can't believe myself when I read some of my posts but there is no time to delete individual posts and I can't just do away with the whole thing!!

Hope you're doing super well :)