Monday, June 21, 2010

The show - idiotic poem

It's a matter of seconds
As they run, and run
Then they hit, and they run
And we watch
Watch them wide-eyed
Eye them wearily
Slack-jawed that we are
Are so immersed
In their work

It's a matter of micro-seconds
Now, that there is
An aura of urgency
That lies heavy in the air
The air that breaths
Breathes tension, and excitement
Excited that we are
And moronic, we stare
Stare at their work

Not much time left now
Now that the moment
Is at hand
Our hands tremble a lil
As somebody screams
The shouts mix with the noise
Noise of the crowd
The crowd that's energized
Watching their work

And it is time
The time that was awaited
The man runs
Runs towards another
Swings it, and the ball is swung
For a six
And we watch in horror
Horror at their work

I so want to kick the Pakistani cricket team. Really hard.

Copyright Uni_Disgruntledoony_2010


Ahmar said...

Uni_Disgruntledoony_2010! nice poem, and I din't watch the match myself (its rare that I miss but I did because I was outside myself playing a cricket match :$), but I think they played well and it was close, so it could have gone either way :)..Stil, the players themselves are professionals, cricket is their living, they earn money by playing, but what to talk of those who watch :S..whenever I am disappointed, I almost always decide that I will never waste my time on cricket again but I am again somehow attracted to watching it again only to be disappointed sometimes and happy at other times..(ideally it should have no affect on us whether we loose or win, and I play and follow alot but I dare say that it is a horrible game in many ways, not only for those who watch but also for those who play)...anyway I will stop my rambling..
the last picture is cute :D

Ahmar said...

I am always not logged in the first time I visit any blog , don't know why though :S

Roshni said...

I am with you on the kicking butt.

Nikki. said...

hhahahahaa Ok at first I thought you were talking about Football but when you said 6 in ur last stanza I said Oo0o0o0o0o Its CRICKEEEEEEETTTTTTTTT :P :P

Uni said...

Good that you didn't watch the match. I watched the last 20 minutes of it. With great excitement. :@:@:@

It really is a stupid game. Wastes time. And usually, it's just the money factor, not the game itself, so we really are foolish.

Btw, this not being logged in thing has been happening lately. Although, when we sign into Gmail, we automatically get logged in on Blogger. Dunno what's happening.

Thanks for the comment!

Excellent *fervently*. I need as many pairs of legs as possible :D

:D.. well, it was cricket. Football main Pakistan kahan :S. Even though I behave towards Brazil the way I side with Pakistan :P

Thanks all for dropping by!