Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recipe: Mangoe Mould with Chocolate Sprinkles


As promised to a commentator, here's the recipe. It wasn't an internet one :S.. so no CPS (Copy-Paste-Sahoolat)

Things you need
1. Aqal
2. Gelatin (spelling maaf) - 1 tbsp
3. Stove and hot water - 1/4 cup H2O
4. Mango pulp (1 and a half cups)
5. Milk (2 cups)
6. Er, I'll write more as I write method
7. Aha! I knew I'll remember. Sugar (1 cup)
8. Double Aha. You also need 3 eggs separated (yolks and whites alag alag)
9. Cream (1 cup)


1. Dissolve the gelatin in water on mid-level heat (:D - I seriously dunno how to convey a recipe). Khair, so it will form ugly looking blobs at first, but with the heat, the geletin WILL dissolve. Have a lil faith.

2. Take the egg yolks, add them to the milk, mix well. Add in the mango pulp. Put on stove

3. Let it cook for 5 mins or so, add the sugar. The mixture will thicken. Then mix in the gelatin slowly slowly. (gelatin smells foul, that's normal okay?).

4. Take the egg whites, and mix it will (till it stiffens - thats what the recipe said, but I dunno what stiffen is.. so I just moved a spoon in it at high speed for about 5 seconds).

5. Take (ohoo..that's number 9!) the cream, and beat it well. No stiffen wiffen. And add it to the cooking pulpy mixture.

6. Add the egg whites to the pulpy mixture. That's your last step.


1. Take the cooking pot off stove and set it to cool.
2. Optionally (it wasn't there in the recipe), when the mixture cools, sprinkle some chocolate crushed in your hand (:D).... and give a nice brown texture on the yellow sweet dish
3. Enjoy and enjoy the praises you get :D

So long.

PS: I wish the day had been as jovial as the post today. Totally rotten day.


Anonymous said...

why was the day rotten? what did you do now! :P

Uni said...

Erm.. it was related to me designing an ad for something - spending hours on it - and then realising it that the resolution was too small, hence i needed to change the resolution - didnt know how (it wasn't working whatever methods are available)..

So all that hard work was all gone to dust.
That's why rotten :S:S

Thanks for dropping by! (even though I wish you weren't anonymous)

Nikki. said...

U surely don't know how to narrate a recipe, ab ill try to do exactly what goes on in the recipe dekho kia banta hai =P

Uni said...


Daikho :D.. try karo to sahee. I'm sure it will work. Recipes are so formal :P. And they don't mention things like gelatin will form blobs at first in water :S ewww.

And btw, this is like (if you have the ingredients ready), a 10 min thingie. Socho :D

Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

1. Aqal
how much? And how did you manage that :P:P?
6. Er, I'll write more as I write method
7. Aha! I knew I'll remember. Sugar (1 cup)

lol :D
that is a funny way to write a recipe ;)

Uni said...

The aqal(mund) would understand the amount needed :P

Basic level aqal is required. And thanks!