Thursday, June 24, 2010


The other day I was talking to this girl I know regarding her final year project and what's becoming of it. She seemed so relaxed, especially since her project submission date was coming up. The conversation b/w her and me went like this:

Me: So how come you're not worried about your FYP?
She: Oh, well you know, thesis part is easy.
Me: How come?
She: Wellll. All I have to do is scour the internet and cut and paste stuff from various sources. Viola! Thesis made!
Me: *speechless actually*.. but said: Erm. Okay.
(Didn't have the guts to actually say it out loud what a lousy way it was to do a project).
She: Hardware part is the tricky one. But that's kinda done too.
Me: Oh. So you guys didn't have any difficulty?
She: *with a laugh*. Oh we never made it...
Me: What!???
She: Well, we had an external. That supervisor isn't even attending our calls.
Me: Whatttttttttt?
She: So he's going to make the hardware. He took money for it.
Me: *eyes nearly popping out*.. money???
She: Yeah. We each coughed up 10k, and we're 6 students. The total hardware cost by the way is only 20k roundabout. I'm telling you.
Me: So why the heck did you pay the extra money! Kyuun!
She: *smirking at me as if I'm the most stupid idiot on the planet*... the rest of the money, my dear friend, goes into the pocket of this supervisor and the chairman of our dept, who hired him.
Me: *finally really speechless*


Anonymous said...

which university? and yes, it is shocking

Ahmar said...

shocking and sad :(

Nikki. said...

hahahaha NOT SHOCKING for me AT ALL! jab sara MULK he aisy chal raha hai :P tou insay kia gilla shikwah ;)

Uni said...


Wish I could reveal. But I will IA. Someday (when this friend has left it maybe, that's what she requested). This country's people sicken me now.


You talk exactly like my mom :D. She says stuff like 'Aray chore ko kew laanat bhej rahay ho, chore to apnay mulk key head ko hee follow kar raha hay nah!' :D

But still, it HURTS to see stuff like this so COMMONLY happening in this country. And the feeling remains that we're helpless. The only way out I saw was to offer to write an article on this, revealing the institution thats allowing such gross misconduct and corruption. And of course, the friend got afraid that the admin will get back at her !!


Thanks all for dropping by!

MAK said...


Anas Imtiaz said...

Not surprised at all. If you dig deep, a good majority is taking this easy route.

Uni said...

Well, it's a darn shame then. I wish we had a system of checking supervision of projects. 99% of the times, its the teacher's or supervisor's fault!

Thanks for dropping by!