Saturday, June 12, 2010

More good stuff - and 10th June :D


Somehow, I usually forget the more worthier stuff to mention on blog. I want to make this post a huge reminder. Why?

1. So that I come back here, look at it, and vow to follow ''things up''
2. Whenever I'm 'too busy' I look back and find that things are better if we take out time for 'worthy stuff'
3. I should never give up - till I do ''it all''

:S. So yeah, remember my lofty plans of learning Surah Baqarah?

Well, I wanted to mark the occasion when I did 10 Rukuhs, and Alhamdulillah, I am on the 12th one now. :D It's SUCH an amazing feeling to be knowing this much of the portion of the Holy Quran (and with the meanings, and with word to word translation- courtesy the Quran class). It feels like heaven, really.

But there is so much more to do. I mean, there are 40 Rukuhs. And then - that's only Surah Baqarah done. What about my becoming a Hafiza dream :S...

Okay, I shouldn't scare myself so much at this point. Lemme just make lil mounds/hills to leap through... not make a Himalaya and then mope when I can't cross it.

Okay, now to the number 16 guessing business. I'm two days late though. Remember the post, where I talked about a number ''16'' and asked the question : what could be the significance of this number in pakistan?

:D. Well... the answer is....

Well, it's the SPEED. 16 Mbps is the internet speed that's being offered to users at the place where Im doing an internship this summer Insha Allah. :D. The 10th June deal was that this was supposed to be our orientation day, but now it's been shifted. So 16 Mbps :D Ahem. That may not sound big to many. But for humble old me... hello. For somebody like me who regularly becomes jal bhun key kebab (very indignant) over the miserable 1Mbps broadband that I have, this is 16 times more exciting. 16 times better browsing, 16 times faster downloads and, okay. I should stop now. 

Fibre links rock :D


Anas Imtiaz said...

Wow. MashAllah :)

Good days eh?

Ahmar said...

keep it up on the Quran learning , masha'Allah..(y)

And the 16MBps. just din't cross my mind :S, but nice :)

Nikki. said...

ok first off MashAllah MashAllah 10 rukus Amazing MashAllah =) May Allah Ta Allah inshAllah help u score even higher in this plan of urz InshAllah

and next up WOW 16 whole Mbps, Allah yaaaaaaaaaar ur soo sooooooooooooo lucky this 1Mbps PTCL DSL SUXXXXXXXX and tht too BIG TIME! ur lucky indeed :) MashAllah again ;)

Uni said...

Yeah, Alhamdulillah :).

jazakAllah I really hope so and pray that it continues, and I can learn the whole thing. Insha Allah.
And about 16Mbps, I told you its common :P

Ameeeeeeeeeen. Shaytan boht bhehkaata hay yar. (after reading your latest post).
And well :D I just have 16Mbps for a month :P.. so in a way lucky yeah. Warna to khwab main bhe nahi!.

And yeah...I agree fully with the broadband sucking big time. Im one of the unfortunate customers.

Thanks all for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

16mbps .. ok ! thats it ! :P

Congrats on you result! GOOO UNI!!!

Uni said...

@Anonymous (whyyy?)

Thank you.

Whoever you are :P

Thanks for dropping by!