Sunday, June 20, 2010

Malik denies report on ‘grey telephony’

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik seemed to be calling for a new libel law in the National Assembly on Wednesday as he denied heading any longer a London-based telecom company that allegedly benefited because of him from favourable government policies about the so-called grey telephony. 

Interrupting the general debate on the new budget, the minister reacted angrily to criticism by an opposition member, Tahira Aurangzeb of the PML-N, who called for his removal from the cabinet on the basis of a Dawn report that described him as chairman of Rodcom Europe.
He said he had founded Rodcom when he was in exile in Britain, but left it before joining the present government and that, following his advice to his partner to wind it up, “that company does not exist now”.
The minister called for setting up a house committee to probe the matter and offered to resign from the cabinet as well as the Senate if the report involving him in the affair were proved correct. But he said those criticising him must also resign if the allegations against him were proved wrong.

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Something from a Cached Google Page:

Rodcom Europe Limited was formed in 2001 with the intention of becoming a specialised VOIP company offering a limited number of high quality routes to a limited number of high quality customers.

Our early destinations were mainly to eastern Europe and Pakistan soon joined them when the VOIP licenses were first issued in 2003. The company's activities in Pakistan have grown to the level where we are now oone of the top 5 senders of Pakistan calls in Europe. We pride ourselves in working closely within our target countries to ensure we understand the maket and can offer our customers the highest possible levels of quality coupled with the lowest possible levels of price.

The company is very proud to have Dr A. Rehman Malik as Chairman of Rodcom Europe ltd and the company sits together with the others under his wing giving us a truly global profile, ranging from television and I.T. to security and ecological transport.



And funnily enough, when we try to access the Rodcom Europe page, this comes...

Double Ho!


Ahmar said...

Sorry but I din't quite get this..the cached google page, can't be like an old page and out of date?
P.S. having to sign in everytime is annoying :S, why doesn't it stay signed in like it used to in the past :(

Uni said...

Well, :P just write your name nah, whats wrong with that?

And well, I read that this page (cached) was removed in June 2010 - so yeh abhee kee hee kahani hay! Thats what makes this so suspicious!

Thanks for the comment!

SignINPlease said...

Hmm...ok maybe the page was recent, but maybe it wasn't updated ??? ho sakta hai nee?

Uni said...

Possible. But its not a company to have non-updated stuff!

And then suddenly, when Dawn publishes a news about it, removes its page from Google..?

It's weird.

SignINPlease said...

Well, :P just write your name nah, whats wrong with that?
yes but then I don't get follow up comments na and I need to come here and check :P

Uni said...


Right. I never noticed that!
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