Monday, June 14, 2010

Ahhh - whyy?

Questions with no real answers :D

1. Why does one's head becomes incredibly heavy after only 3 pages of a 7-page research publication?
2. Why is it so difficult to decide which specific pinpointed area do you want to research in?
3. Why isn't there a concept of a supervisor (who can actually guide you to that pinpoint) present in this country?
4. If such supervision is present, why don't I have access to it?

Oh well :D. I have access to the most amazing journals on this planet free of cost. I should make FULL use of it. Man, what an internship ...

*goes happily back to the paper with a heavy head*

So long! The funny thing is, the place where I'm sitting right now, nobody seems as happy as me to be sitting here availing these facilities.


Ahmar said...

whats your internship about?

Uni said...

Well, the internship is all about network management in a large organisation (I want to see server usage, admin duties, the problems that crop up etc)... as this is something I was NOT interested in at all! But I wanted to experience it to figure out if there is anything within this field.

It seems like a weird reason to join an internship but there are other things here too, like video conferencing wegaira. So again, observation as to how these things are set up, used, maintained, what you need etc.

Apart from ALL that, the journals and paper access (whenever Im free like I was today) is the bonus point :D

Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

ahan, enjoy the time and experience there :)

Uni said...


Nikki. said...

Question: So how was the 16Mbps internet ?? :D

Anonymous said...

"1. Why does one's head becomes incredibly heavy after only 3 pages of a 7-page research publication?"
lol...u are much better than me. me gets heavy headed after the 1st page only :P

Uni said...

Well, when I was downloading something today, it showed something like 140kbps download speed. I was a little miffed. So much for the 16Mbps :P.. (but 140 kbps download was pretty fast waisay).

Next, I checked out speedtest and saw what the speed of my internet was, and that calculated to around 11Mbps downlink and something like that only uplink :D. I was amazed...

(it depends on the user load. If I were the only user there, which I wasn't, then I would have gotten even faster connection).

Next I read up some purana (telecom) stuff about it :D and figured out that they have a fibre link which is 16Mbps in total, but that link is divided among a few universities... and that's how we don't get 16Mbps as an individual, but only as an institute(s). Kuch samajh pari? :P

Even after all that, its wayy better than the sara hua broadband I have at home :P

Thanks for dropping by!

Uni said...


Hahahahah :). It was something like that today as well. The most incredible thing now is that after reading a few, I've no longer got the feeling that everything is alien where a research paper is concerned. I mean, kuch kuch cheezain samajh ani shuru hogaieen hain.

Pata nahi kaisay likh laitay hain. I'm still quite awed (at the difficulty level and the fact that the people who write em are like, my age!)

Thanks for dropping by :)

Abu Maaz said...

I never liked reading RFCs(thankfully I am not a network engineer). My teacher at varsity always asked us to read RFCs. I always wondered how a "request" for comments is so lengthy and boring!! :/

Uni said...

@Abu Maaz
Lol. Nice kunniyat (nice name of son I mean). MA.

And RFC is different from research papers no? RFCs is the most boring thing Ive ever touched upon :S... so yeah, no wonder you didn't like it.

Thanks for dropping by!

Nikki. said...

hahahaha SARI SAMAJH par gae hai ;)
just because you are at a network you don't get a full throttle 16Mbps down speed :P

Uni said...

Jee bilkul sahee samjha ap nay :P:P