Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There is a whole other world out there

This is dedicated to all those (especially Muslims) who are influenced by the media today, to such an extent that whatever is shown to them, they believe in it - they have almost no idea that whatever is happening these days, is part of a bigger picture ... and when somebody tries to remind them of the big picture (The Arrivals series, the books and videos on Dajjal, the Anti Christ), they laughingly dismiss it all as some ''conspiracy theory'' -  and even if they don't consider it as a conspiracy theory, they don't actively DO anything about it -so here goes. 

We walk along the winding road of life
Struggle for success, for achievements we strive
But rarely do we turn our heads, and look like
We have something other than 'all this' on our minds

Everything is not quite what it seems
There is a hidden layer on every light's beam
A concealed verse, a warning, not publically revealed
A craftily embedded truth, from the wandering eye, concealed

The turn of events, as they unfold everyday
Breaking news, talk shows, discussions and debate
What actually appears on the 'box' is merely part of the tale
It's up to us to find out the rest of the detail

A point of view, so carefully implanted
Our brains refuse to think beyond what's flaunted
But we rule our brains, so why are we daunted
By the task that should be the way of life adopted

It's funny how important security is today
Cryptography has quite a crucial role to play
But we just inhale and digest the news being relayed
Without pausing to reflect, to think and THEN say

"We know what's going on - we're aware of it all
What do you know, we got information that beats all
Blah Blah discussions we watched, blah blah talk shows
Blah Blah news channels, we watched it all unfold"

Nothing what we watch, is actual in totality
That is true for most of the 'happening' reality
Among every unrelated event, a definite causality
Within every human shown, a hidden personality

We have got to open our eyes to the world around us
We have got to break the shells we've built around us
We have got to look beyond what's happening around us
And this ain't no unnecessary fuss!

Whoever chooses to close their eyes -- up to them
But as Muslims, we won't be fulfilling our duty then
The biggest Fitnah is upon us, we will evade it when?
If all we indulge in is only studies, movies, music and the associated mayhem

Copyright Uni reading_too_muchoony 2010


Lydia said...
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Nikki. said...

to me it feels like they have created all this social drama just to keep our minds trapped, so that it keeps on wondering aside and doesnt have time to think straight =S

Uni said...

Um, one can feel this way only if they LET their minds wander here and there. The books I have read, always have a set of guidelines at the end :) which say "What should you do now... now that you know that this and that is happening and if the Signs of the Day of Judgement are near etc etc"

So it helps that way

Thanks for the opinion though :)

Ahmar said...

Sometimes back, a friend showed me an article on propaganda on wikipedia..Read the example parts there and it suggests what you pointed in this post, i.e. to believe whatever is shown to them in the media...

Uni said...

Very insightful :) Thanks for sharing.