Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Quest - prayers needed


The Quest comprises many things - namely:
1. To learn
2. To remember
3. To repeat
4. To recall
5. To implement

:P. How cryptic. Lemme elaborate.

The very first (and quite bold :S) quest is to actually hope I will learn the whole of this:

I know it seems impossible right now. But after reading 'The Lost Symbol' by Dan Brown (what an inspiration, yeah :$:$), at least I've decided to firmly believe that our minds have amazing potential. It's our own lazy daisy selves that convince us that hey,
1. This is impossible
2. I won't ever be able to learn stuff
3. Memorising is tough etc etc

The brain has gazillions of cells - so they are meant to be used, yeah. We CAN learn anything. However difficult it may seem. Insha Allah!

SO I've done three rukuhs uptil now. And the quest has been tough... mainly because there is a load of repition of words. BUT, one good tip for anybody aspiring to learn this beautiful Surah is that if you know the translation - what comes after what - so when we know exactly what's going on, automatically the tongue reaches for the right word, and the mind provides it :). Khair, there are 40 Rukuhs in this Surah, and I was kinda dreaming that one Rukuh per day means the entire Surah learned up in 40 days. Ho. That ain't happening. But I still dream.

Acha, another quest is this:

More specifically Visual C++. Another bold one here. The idea is to slowly but surely digest the syntax (a base is already there, the rest of the bricks need to fall in place). And ultimately leading to:

An e-book, courtesy some kind humans on the planet :). Big thank you to them for the motivation.

And a lot of prayers needed of course. The quest isn't easy. Nothing really is :). What with exams coming up and the online job and what not. But it's relaxing to have great stuff on one's hands. Best part? Everything, every resource is within reach. You only need to have the dedication and persistence to stick on to them like a leech. May I become that leech, Ameen.

Today this doctor old classmate of Dad's remarked:
Him: You don't have your own house???
Dad: Nope
Him: WHY??
Dad: We're pretty much okay the way we are *grin*
Him: Look, go for it. Forget expanding your medical centre, take up a house. And remember, add two units to them.
Dad: Hain? Why?
Him: For your daughters of course

ROFL :D -- This isn't the first time we've been commented on for not 'going with the flow' and 'doing what others are doing' - Dad's quest remains 'trying to make poor sick people's lives a leetle bit easier' - Hope he succeeds in that Ameen.
So long!

Leaving you with a nice quote:


Anonymous said...

all my prayers are with you,,,may Allah give u the strength and makes it easier for you

Uni said...

JazakAllah :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Nikki. said...

Thats some hand full of things your planning to do, and I hope and pray that u work hard to achieve results that are worth all this .. =)

Ahmar said...

I pray that you are able to ahieve what you have aimed for and may this post be a reminder for others too to chalk out some plans and quit wasting time...

you will come across times when you motivation gets low , and in those times, remember to come to this post again to remind yourself of your plans so that you do progress....all the best :)

Uni said...

Yeah :S. It's a handful. I'm apprehensive about these, I mean, if I think about it, it looks like a post full of 'deengain maarna' without any substantial thing being actually achieved on ground. But I am rather hoping that this post will at least shame me into learning this all, whenever I slack :P

Thanks for the encouragement :)

Yes, this post is supposed to be a huge reminder to myself :P. If others get reminded too, all the better :)

Insha Allah. I really really hope so. Thanks very much for the encouragement.

Thanks both for dropping by.