Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Joys of Khala-hood

The past few days have been a constant cycle of extremely late nights (why am I calling it night when it really is morning? :S), and then sleeping after Fajr at 5.30 or so, and waking up at 9.30. The waking up at Fajr part is the most tough because I've had only about an hour or so's worth of sleep :$. Um, I know this is a really bad routine and nights are meant for sleeping, but seriously, if you were baking in the heat of 40+ degrees celsius, you'd feel like zonking out in the scorching afternoons and working late into the relatively cool nights.

Anyway, this pattern was established, as I was saying. Yesterday, newphew sahib was over our place to stay. He visits once a week. Man, where are the days when I used to say sis the priss is over for the day! Ha Ha. Anyway, the lil dude was all dandy the whole day, pretty much had his afternoon nap and played and played. He is such a scaredy-chicken bachoo. I mean, get this. Sis the priss was narrating something in which she quoted TB making a scary sound. She just NARRATED it. And the kid, took one look at his mommy, and burst into tears... :D:D
Man... the dude was picked up immediately and comforted and comforted 'Hai mera bachaaa, aap darr gayyy' and what not. I am strongly in favour of not pampering lil kids this much. At least then they wouldn't turn out to be sissified tweety birds :D.

So in order to scare him, once, I started making the scariest of all faces. And boy, did the kid look extremely surprised or what. I did this war dance (junglion wala kinda) in front of him, making the face, (and :$ my plan was to stop suddenly this rhythm, and say loudly BHAOOO - and the theory was that he'll cry once, twice and then he won't be afraid!). Bhanju wanju, if you're reading this twelve years later, I'm sorry for the act, but I had good intentions betay :P. And listen to what you did next!

According to plan, I stopped suddenly (the kid's eyes were like saucers now). And I jumped at him saying a loud ''BHAO". He jumped too. And ....and .... :S... burst into such a LOUD laughter, that you can't imagine. Mum and sis who were watching this whole episode rather apprehensively burst out laughing too :$. Katchi hogai meri. So much for scaring him. I still use the BHAO routine to make him cackle with laughter. Masha Allah :D

Anyway, last night :(... I was late again in sleeping. When finally turned in at 3.00 am, the kid woke up! (and btw, he's the kind of specie who doesn't wake up at nights... he keeps on sleeping through the night MA). Khair, he woke up and sis who had a bad headache, tried to make him drink some milk and fall right back asleep. But he didn't. Usually, if he's acting this way, I pick him up and his head droops for a while, then falls on my shoulder asleep - in the terminology of my sis the priss, 'Chotu has gone boop' :)

*deep sigh*. So I picked up the whining baby, and a few minutes later, blessedly, I felt his head drop on my shoulder. Breathing a sigh of relief, I turned to put him back in bed, when I realised that... that... eugh :P he wasn't asleep. Just busy biting my shoulder! Teething apparently has weird effects on babies. Thank God I don't remember my teething phase :P.

So to cut long things short, the dude didn't sleep. The whole night, I was awake... along with his distressed mum... and after Fajr, the kid was taken away by Chotpo... on whose shoulder, he fell asleep in 10 minutes. *shakes a fist at the hilarity of events that unfolded last night*... !! Taubah.

Today was eventful for another thing... I gave him a bath! On my own. Usually, during the deed, I'm the side-helper and my sis is the main character (along with the baby). Today, it was me. And my no-nonsense ways, man! Did he look astonished or what!

Lol. I seriously think there should be a nice darjah for Khalas. I'll leave you with a picture depicting his usual state (it's not him, but still :P you get the ''picture'')


Ahmar said...

The isha in Europe gets quite late and fajr gets very early in summers to the point that one can pray fajr easily and then sleep, something I follow mostly of late...
As I read the post, I imagined the lil bhanja saahib, its cute, the whole going to cry phase when he heard just the scary sound in the narration and the bursting into laughter when an attempt of making him cry was made :P...

Uni said...

Well that makes sense nah, cuz fajz is at 2.30 or so there. But not when Fajr is at 5.30 and you cannot justify that with this logic. But the heat is killing here.

:D yeah! My sis read this post today and tried out the BHAOO routine. And it worked, he laughed and laughed MA! But meri besti zaroor hui thee :D

Thanks for dropping by!

Uni said...

Sorry fajr*

Ahmar said...

the table I follow (which is what the mosque I go follows) has it at 1:11 am ..which means I can pray after 1:11 am these days :D

Uni said...

1.11 !!
Man! That's quite quite early! That's like praying at night! And btw.. how utterly cool! You can pray tahajjud at 12 !!

*tries her hardest not to get shadeeed envious*

Ahmar said...

Well, its a little complicated than it looks :P..
Actually, isha starts almost close to 11pm so there are even fatwas saying that one can pray isha with maghrib (around 9 pm) here in europe and some people who have a habit of sleeping early do that...In my case, since I used to sleep around 1 am or so, I pray isha, and then very soon, its time for fajr...:S
so tahajjud ka tau time hee nahee hota...anyway, sleeping after isha and then waking up for fajr and not sleeping again is ideal but it just becomes impossible with the timings there are in europe..

Uni said...

Um.. yeah it sounds complicated now. Yeh to koi time hee nahi bacha, isha and fajr main... *a lil confused*..

Okay then I hope your routine gets better IA.

Thanks for the comment.

Sis the Priss said...

Awwwwww yeah he tried to do that to the cot yesterday. Man, he wants to stand now, holding anything which he can grasp. MA MA MA! Yeahhhhh and he STILL doesn't get scared at Bhao!!! It takes someone to ring the doorbell REALLY loudly - that scares him alright

Uni said...

:D .. doorbell! Good! I should try that then :P

Miss him :S:S:S