Monday, May 31, 2010

I should be grateful


Even though this blog is mainly a personalised and humungous piece of ''rant'', I still think that one should be really grateful for the things one has, rather than lamenting over the stuff that's not being granted etc. Most probably it has a good reason or another and we're too shallow to realise it. Hence, I'm IA going to change the name of this blog, and probably the layout too. I have decided this SO many times in the past (layout I mean) and everytime, something or the other comes up and :S.. nothing happens. This time, no matter how many days it take, I'm IA going to do a template/layout change to this blog.

Khair, that aside. What was I grateful for? There are many things of course, will mention just two of them Insha Allah.

One of them is:

A couple of days back, it was my friend's wedding. The venue (me the senseless directionally challenged person) was completely unknown to me and of course my mum (very very directionally apt MA) knew where it was. Since it was a night function and my friend had invited ''family'', both my parents went with me! The place was really far off and unknown too! But look at them.. taking out their time, and going to a place where they knew literally nobody! :):):). And MA, they were so patient about it too... because I was busy chatting with friends and then going to the bride's room and yakking around with her etc. Plus, there was no time limit (because this was a private ground, rather than a proper wedding hall), so er, it got very very late. We reached home by 1.30 am. When anybody asked parents why did they go and they could have sent me with the driver etc, they firmly replied ''How could we let her go alone? So we thought that even though we might be bored because we don't know anybody, we'd still accompany her, after all, it's her really good friend's wedding!''

Long live my caring parents :D

(and stupid me for complaining about trivial things regarding them)
The other thing:

I never mentioned what my result was in the exams held for the 3-month Quran course I attended from Jan to April. And ... :D I stood first!

Alhamdulillah. The class strength wasn't huge, (factors that put a damper on a ''first position''), but the fact is that I was one of the people in class who had had no formal training in any kind of religious institute. So with that limitation, standing first was a huge achievement for me. And not mentioning it immediately on blog makes me guilty. Why?

If it were a university position, I probably would have written it down on that very day. And this, being so menial in our eyes, is just left as it is, and it's been a long time since this result came out. Not surprisingly, none of my folks were over the moon about it. They were happy yeah, but not as happy as they would have been if I had been a university position holder :P.

Sigh. Dad just had to say this: "Acha! 96% ?? 100% kew nahi ayee???"



MAK said...

lol.Why are parents so selfish.

Congrats on your result.

I just don't know how on earth u find these pics. Keep it up

Ahmar said...

Best of luck with the template change...
and first!!! wow...congrats :)...

Uni said...

Lol.. it's not unexpected ... and most probably a good joke.

Thanks, and the picture... hmm, these kinda are easily found on Google Images, so no hard work required.

Thanks for dropping by!

Uni said...

Thanks and thanks :)

Anas Imtiaz said...

MA, keep it up! :D

Uni said...

Thanks so much! I really hope so IA.

Nikki. said...

WOOOOOO 96% awesome girl, but haan parents will always desire that exact figure of 100 =P
as well parents can be sooooo supportive at times MashAllah =D

Uni said...

:D.. thank you very much :). Lol @ 100, that's like mission impossible, and Im never embarking on it (and never have) :D

Thanks for dropping by!