Monday, May 31, 2010

20 Dead In Israeli Attack On Aid Flotilla

20 Dead In Israeli Attack On Aid Flotilla: A private TV channel (Aaj TV) anchor Talat Hussain and producer Raza Agha have gone missing after the attack by the Israeli forces on an international flotilla carrying aid to besieged Gaza, killing at least 20 people and injuring several others.

Israeli commandos dropped from a helicopter onto the deck of a Turkish ship and immediately opened fire on unarmed civilians. Live image from the flotilla shows that Israeli soldiers from the helicopter and a number of speedboats boarded one of the ships at night.

Activists wearing life vests were treating what appeared to be injuries for unknown reasons.
Israeli navy on Sunday night sighted the pro-Palestinian ‘Freedom Flotilla’ bound for the Gaza Strip and ordered the convoy to dock at an Israeli harbour. Troops boarded the flotilla and clashed with the activists after they ignored Israeli orders to turn back.

The flotilla of six ships set sail from a port in Cyprus on Sunday and was expected to reach Gaza by Monday morning, Al-Jazeera reported. The flotilla, originally made up of nine ships from Turkey, Britain, Ireland, Greece, Kuwait and Algeria, were carrying around 10,000 tons of aid including cement, water purification systems and wheelchairs.

One of the ships had not arrived and two others had been damaged. In the meantime, the deposed government of Islamic Hamas movement, which rules the Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) condemned the Israeli naval forces attack on the ‘Freedom Flotilla’.

 I am speechless with indignation and fury at this blatant blatant act of terrorism in the name of I don't know what! at the unarmed civilans on board those ships carrying aid to the Palestinians. How can a full commando action be carried out on a bunch of civilians is just beyond me! And thankfully there are protests and anger is being shown around the world, against this inhumane act. And people say we shouldn't protest at stuff? Sit quietly? HA

By the way, the inhumane attack on Qadiyanis in Lahore on Friday was also an act where terrorists entered a mosque and opened fire on unarmed civilians. There is absolutely no difference between one terrorist attack and this latest one on activists and other civilians carrying aid. *quite furious actually*


Ahmar said...

Ya, I was listening to the news on tv a while ago...Israel time and again has proved that it is a terrorist state!

Anas Imtiaz said...

To be honest this is what you expect from Israel. And the silence from USA always accompanies it. This time however, I see no reaction from large Muslim countries like KSA. Such a shame. The Israeli govt spokesman called those aid workers "extremists and supporters of Hamas" ... many of whom were actually not Muslims and from European countries. Just like the earlier terrorist acts of Israel this will be forgotten. (I sincerely hope not)

Uni said...


The act is shocking in itself mainly mainly because ANY act that goes against humanity is bound to bring horror and shock - although my mum remarked that hey, this is one incident you're seeing with your eyes, you should have seen the torture meted out to the Palestinians when in 1967, the Israelis captured Bait-ul-Muqaddas.

I honestly believe that the time has come to not rely on silly statements like "I have contacted the American Ambassador and expressed my concerns" (this lovely sentence was spoken by none other than our dear old Shah Mehmood Qureshi), and this is the time for an all-out declaration that we are not going to take this lightly and strong action will be taken.

Greece, for example has cancelled its army drills with Israel in protest. Some action - of this sort- is needed now. Unfortunately, as Anas rightly pointed out, the state which can do the MOST (Arabs!) are sitting quietly and filling their pockets (and tummies).

I'm glad protests (at the very least and at public level at least) is happening not only in Pakistan but also other places!