Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The height of injustice !! :(

This was written on Saturday ...


The day was pretty much okay. My exam preparation hadn't been that great, but Alhamdulillah, Hadith paper went cool. I don't think I made many mistakes, and the tashreeh of ahadith bit, though unexpected, turned out to be a nice outlet for me to just write and write. Funny how continuous Urdu writing doesn't seem THAT difficult anymore ... *grins from ear to ear* :)

Acha, so we had this doctors' family gala event thing at Ramada Plaza, and I never even knew it's name before today :P. It's supposed to be this huge grand hotel, 5 minutes or so from the Airport, and has a pretty good outlook. Here, have a look.

Yeah, so the place was nice. The event was, er... well some things were pretty nice. Like the lil parrot and the big huge parrot... lil parrot sat on my shoulder, and big huge parrot on my arm. What a sight :D. These parrots had a common habit. Before perching on somebody's arm or shoulder, they tested the surface with their beaks... so one had the feeling that they were about to bite :D. Man, that was fun. 

(I am coming to the injustice bit, just hear me out). 

Next few nice things were the...



The point is, that these were the cool bits. The junglana bits came a lil later. Namely: extremely loud music, one that pulsates your insides, idiotic singers (who were claimed by the show host to be such that 'itnay concerts kiay keh shayed hee kisi singer nay kiay hongay' -- they have performed in concerts so many times that they beat all other singers)... etc.. And when the name was called, everybody looked at each other in confusion.. who in the world was this? 

Now, the injustice part. Dinner was served at around 10.30. There were huge rows and rows of food, quite a lot of variety and a generous amount of nearly everything imaginable (and edible). Chalo, that bit was okay. After dinner, as I went to get icecream for mum, I saw the waiters who had a stack of dirty plates with them, and huge trash bags. What they were doing was, cleaning the plates !!! In front of my eyes, huge platters of uneaten kebabs, uneaten chicken pieces, uneaten biryani, uneaten broast, uneaten roti, and what not... went straight into the garbage bags. (Now this may be common, yeah), but my breath nearly stopped at this sight. Imagine the display of food, and imagine the elite of the city along with their families in one of the poshest hotels in the city .. piling up their plates like nitwits, and just leaving everything be so that it would go in the trash!!!! **bursting with indignation even right now!** 

Now, there is an argument associated with remaining food (joothaa khana). I understand the bit where people would be reluctant in eating half-eaten stuff. But what about whole pieces of food ? Especially stuff like broast pieces, and fried chicken pieces? Don't these people know that people like these exist in our country, and in the world ???

So khair. What happened was that I went up to those staff members, waiters etc, and asked them:

Me: Ap yeh khana kew phaink rahay hain?? (Why are you throwing this food away?)
They: Baji humain order hay, is liay. (We are ordered to, that's why)
Me: Laikin aap daikhain to sahee, yeh to saabut saabut cheezain hain, yeh to bacha kar aap kisi ko day dain! Aisay to na phainkain! (But see, these are whole pieces of uneaten food, you can save it and give it to somebody, don't just throw it please)
They: Baji humain order hay, hum layjana chahain tub bhe nahi layjasaktay (We are under strict orders. We cannot take this food away, even if we wanted to).
Furthermore: they:  Baji, ap ka kia khayal hay. Humara dil nahi chahta yeh sab lay jaain and apno ko khilaa dain? (Don't you think we want to take this yummy stuff home and feed it to our kids?)
Me: **speechless**

This is the height of injustice in a country that is plagued by shortage of food, water and other basic necessities. Here is one set of people, wasting food while laughing, and another set of staff members, poor and SEEING with their own eyes the food being wasted, and having to throw it away with their own hands. And yet, we wonder why the crime rate is increasing. When the differences in society exist on such a grand level, there is bound to be anarchy... someday or the other.

Please note. If you have weddings in the family, or dawats and you know that you cannot control the wastage of food, please ... you can take the following steps.

1. Call up Chipa (or Edhi). They have a free 24/7 service, where they come and collect food (all edible leftovers), and take it to the poor and feed them. They are pretty much reliable. You can call them up at: +92-21-111111134

2. Give lunch boxes. We did that at the Nikkah of my sister, and it worked out pretty well. People just ate whatever they wanted, and took the boxes home. 

3. Monitor the food tables, collect the leftovers (edible) and give them away yourself. 


Ahmar said...

This is a great deal of imbalance..**very sad at this**

Uni said...

It sucked, yeah. But we can overcome this by setting up different practices in our houses/events.

Thanks for dropping by!

snowysensation said...

A really nice post indeed!

Uni said...

Thanks very much indeed :)

Nikki. said...

Thanks for the suggestions, coz this is how it should be we shouldn't just keep on writing posts about injustices and don't make any effort for saving it, its good that u have come up with great ideas how not to waste food :)

Uni said...


Thanks so very much. I so WISH, ALL of us especially in Pakistan (because I have never heard this food wastage happening abroad, not sure about India), would start taking these steps, and be pro-active about it.

I know we can do it. It's just a matter of a firm resolve, and a bay-niaazi (oblivious-ness) to 'what would people say!' :):)

Thanks for dropping by!