Friday, April 2, 2010

Aray bhui!?


Do you find all news channels extremely irritating these days? I thought so. Join the club.

1. Why in the world does the whole world revolve around the world of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik?

2. Are we really interested in what a coupld of sports people do in their personal lives? If they're not poking their noses into ours, why poke into theirs?
(and relish it?) *utterly disgusted*

3. What's (please tell me! Solve this mystery once and for all) SO interesting about whether 4 members of Shoaib Malik's family is applying for Indian visas, or 6? And when they've applied, how many got the visas, and how many didn't. What's so intriguing about their travel plans!?

4. Right. Now that we've found about visas, what's so darn enchanting about the fact that Sania Mirza has started shopping? Or contacting designers? Or ..... fantasized about perfect shoes!!!?!?! For the love of sanity... what is wrong with the media?

5. Man, the information. The 'third twist' in this whole saga has come up. And now, the media is getting crazier about the 'juiciness' - So we hadn't gotten over the stupid Indian songs, and the same old pictures, and now the ''twist!'' ... what is this, a stage show?

You see, even with being all disgusted with the media frenzy over one very very normal event of this century, I still know exactly what the details are of this intricate love (??) story. All because I watch the news. And the news has been showing nothing else! If it IS something else, then they pound this tale in the news tabs. Ugh.

Not from any angle, does this seem like this is a wedding which would happen between two Muslims. The way they are being portrayed, the type of images that are being shown, the idiotic details being revealed regarding their personal lives etc. Nothing portrays our identity here. The sad truth is that wayyy back somewhere, we have lost out on it, our roots and simplicity. None of that exists. And if it does, then none of it exists on the media, is ever portrayed by the media like this engagement being portrayed now. Another huge factor: everybody in Pakistan (and other countries) is watching it. How would the poor people of this nation feel when they watch this big glamorous wedding, splashy and replete with the flash and glint of money? And then we wonder why the crime rate has gone up.

What a tragic way to promote 'unity' between two nations that are still 'friends-by-appearances' and not in reality.


Roshni said...

Im just heart broken.... humara bechara shoab malik <3 ..-sigh-

Ahmar said...

I started disliking Geo when they started covering Meera and her life...At the moment, I have become so bored of current affairs that I hardly watch any news now :S, but I was surprised to see it as headlines in the that I check every now and then....So ya, I agree its really a very very worthless piece of info.
On a different note, the google ads that you get on your blog, so you get paid for it? ya yey Allah k naam per hai :P?

Uni said...

:D Why are you heartbroken?
**tries not to grin widely**

Yeah. Geo 'delves' too deeply into personal lives, replete with songs and all. It's disgusting.

Well, if people click on them, then the blogger gets paid (only if the amount exceeds 100 dollars). But with an un-popular blog like mine, with hardly any traffic, nothing like that happens. So mainay aisay hee rakhay huay hain...


Thank you both for dropping by!