Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's the biggie?

You're old, way way old
Than you behave
You like to enjoyably
Rant and rave
Among friends.
You love stuff like honey, nuts and
Clumps of figgie
What's the biggie?

The world doesn't revolve
Around fashion you know
Your scarf doesn't HAVE to match
With the border of your coat
Any time.
You don't have to hide
Your love of sweets & lollipops that are sticky
What's the biggie?

Life is quite fair
To those who dare
Dare not to indulge too much
In girly stuff, makeup shakeup
In the world we live today
So very plasticky
Be different...
What's the biggie?

People do comment
Trust me on that
Your appearance, interests, demeanour
This and that
And more!
You can't escape, can't hide
So don't be so finicky
Chin up, relax! And remember
What's the biggie?

This poem is a lil weird
Not too well rhymed
It conveys a point
In 5 minutes time
So it ain't perfect
Don't be so picky
Remember the magic words
What's the biggie!

Copyright Uni Totally-lost-itoony 2010

PS: Can you tell I had an exhausting day?

We had to tell our schedules in class today. Like, what do we do from day to night etc. The girls had such interesting schedules. By interesting I don't mean they run a circus or something. The fact is, that I'm miserably selfish. Most of the girls spend time doing stuff for their families. Like cooking, cleaning, what not. The whole day gone. And they learn stuff too, so it can't even be said that they're not doing anything constructive. They definitely are... And me? Ho! What a loser. The most I could say was running around the house with mum and helping out when I get home. What do I do in the evenings? No real answer. Could only mention lamely about 'sitting on the computer' .. and 'yes not for long periods of time' .. Totally forgot books..! Khair. Should spend my time more constructively. Wish I were a more interesting person! Oh heck.




Ahmar said...

The fact is, that I'm miserably selfish.


Uni said...


Thanks for dropping by :P