Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A truckful of women :D

The day had started lazy. I was dead tired. After a terrible Sunday. Short sentences in this post please. Incomplete too. Fragments as well. Too tired to process longer ones. *grinning*

So the morning was really lazy. Wasn't in a nice mood. Set off with a scowl. And saw 'The Truckful of Women'

:):) The sight always always amuses me (not in a negative way), because there is this whole either bus, or suzuki or van sort of vehicle, with huge space at the back and this whole family of women and children sitting there. Maybe they were going for a picnic, or maybe somewhere else, I dunno. But what I could see was, that they were many! And there were many kids. And that they were all pathans.

This sight cheers me up because...

As they looked over at me (I had maneouvered the car directly behind them), this happened in a sequence (and by the way, it always does!).

1. First, one of them looked at me, and her eyes grew wide. She nudged her fellow lady and pointed at me.

2. The two ladies turned around fully and gawped at me.

3. I was feeling grumpy enough to realise that hey, this is my chance of giving sadaqah, for free ! And with a bit of fun.

4. So I grinned toothily at them, and waved.

5. What happened to my short sentences? :P

6. They gaped even more (and this has never happened before :S), they covered their faces!!!

7. Was I embarrassed or what!! I had made them do purdah from... me??????
(I know that purdah is from women too, but only of a certain kind. And I certainly don't like to associate myself with that category! *hurt look*)

8. Khair, I kept up the wave/smile/cheery look thingie. The women had now all nudged each other, and everybody had rotated their necks and stared long and hard at me. With open curiosity.

9. THEN, the first two ladies started smiling back. Then others. More ...and they'd uncovered their faces too!

10. By the time I turned left (and they turned right), they had waved back at me! and grinned :D

How cool is that! The day suddenly became a lot brighter :)   -- Their kids looked like this one waisay...


Ahmar said...

hmm, how can you tell that they were all pathans?
And the first two ladies who looked at you, what was their approximate age? like were they kids or teenagers or adults?

M. Shuaib Khan said...


Pretty interesting, only that the sudden change of stance at the end by the women made it less interesting. :P :P

Now tell us what was it that made them pardafy from you? :P

Uni said...

Well, I can't explain this very well, but foran pata chal jata hay. Umm, one of the factors is that they were all heck pretty (MA), and um, maybe their style of wearing dupattas -- like big huge ones which fully cover them.

And two ladies in front, (should have called them girls), they were maybe late teens, early twenties :)

@M. Shuaib Khan
No it was a relief! Their change in stance. Raised up my lowwww self-esteem.

And I don't know ... lol. Maybe I didn't seem 'shareef' to them (Allah na karay!)..

Thanks both for dropping by!

M. Shuaib Khan said...

Wow, getting addressed with "M. Shuaib Khan" is weird. :P

Someone tell me how to set different names for my blogger account so it would show the full name in the profile, but short name with posts and comments. :P

Anonymous said...

Well, that's what was written, no? :P

Khair, the thing is that you can always sign your name separately as ├Żour first name. Just choose 'Name/URL' in the options below.

Uni said...

Uh ho.. in talking about option, I dunno when I clicked anonymous :P