Friday, March 12, 2010

Low -- random thoughts

If I say I'm feeling low, that would mean I'm kinda down in the dumps. But what is the opposite of that?

Feeling high?

That brings to mind weird things, so probably the opposite is something else. The irritation level is such ... that folks are asking "Tumhain HUA kia hay''... What indeed, is wrong?

Wish I could pinpoint the 'maakhiz' of my troubles ...Check the Urdu :D... maakhiz means sources!

Which reminds me, today I said to this classmate "Tumhari tabiyat main bari ujlat hay" :D... So my Urdu is on the path to becoming acceptable. Insha Allah.

Am watching the Arrivals completely. I had previous stopped at 43rd part or so... I guess that's depressing me more. For those who haven't watched it, do take out some time for it. I can promise you, that even if it doesn't convince you, it sure as heck is informative. And our mainstream population is usually not at all aware of such things. We're all must -- totally lacking in any critical thought/analysis.

Critical thought reminds me of this cassette I recently listened to in the car. It was titled "Namaz main Khushu kaisay?" (How to pray salah, with full concentration?). The lady described various things, but one of them that really struck me was, that in namaaz, if you really truly want khushu and khuzu, pray with as little movement as possible. No swaying, no yawning, no scratching, no straightening clothes etc. And this helps... really. And try to gaze at a fixed point on the jaa-e-namaaz. Preferably the point where we prostrate on the ground. Just look at that point all the time. Also, you should know the translation of what you're reciting... at least that part of the Quran, one should know. It'll help. Insha Allah.

Yesterday's class was nice. I'm really liking AI now. Pity I don't study it at home.  The only low point about yesterday was sitting within a two-seat distance from this guy in our class -- who smokes. And it seems too rude to get up and change seats in the middle of the lecture! Sigh!

I thought I was okay in Mathematics. But I am not. I seriously SUCK at it big time. I never thought I was genius at it either. Just that it hurts big time when one is faced with a simple Math problem, and stares and stares at it, counts lines and points painfully, tries to rotate 3D figures inside the head, and come up with an utterly wrong (and ridiculous) answer.

Life (and our society) actually suck.


Ahmar said...

can you post its link please?

brok3n said...

Yes link please...I tried watching it from thier official blog but thereare episodes missing and it put me off o.0 ...

that is some smooth urdu there tho.. "ujlat"..-n0d-

Uni said...


I was watching DVD...and waisay, the videos can be found from www wakeupproject dot com

Go to wakeupproject dot com, and try from there. The blog ones have these problems, I know. :)

And lol, thanks.

Thank you both for dropping by!