Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Post written yesterday:

It will always remain a mystery why beauty parlours are centres for the choicest gossip, the useless of comment-bazi, and a hub of pointless discussions. Why can't they discuss, say, healthy politics (yeah, there is something like that), in the midst of the various things they're doing?

Khair. The recent hair-cut session was a lil offensive. *tries not to scowl*

Haircutting Lady: WHY? (I nearly jumped). Why would you want to cut ém?
Me: Not doing it out of choice. Doing it out of majboori. (partially true)
She: But whyyyyyyyyy?
Me: (trying to appear composed and not annoyed): Well, there is no need to keep long hair if they are all kharaab from the ends, they best be trimmed.
She: But you can just snip off an inch no? Just not make them so short! Come on!
Me: (wondering whether she doesn't want her pay or something): *firmly*, See, I can't manage them. They're not so great anyway. No big loss.
She: But listen. Long hair do not become so, very easily. They take a lot of time. To become long!
Me: *stubbornly silent*
She: Okay okay. Do take care of them now. No more cutting in the future ok?
Me: *sigh*
She: So which shape?
Me: Er? Shape?
She: No U shape etc? Bangs? Aur pata nahi kia kia which I didn't really get. 
Me: Aray bhui NO...! Straight cut. Bussss!

Phew. This can get seriously annoying. I wish there was a way one could cut their own hair, by twisting backward or something. I mean, all it needs is a comb

and scissors and a tap nearby... no?


Ahmar said...

It will always remain a mystery why beauty parlours are centres for the choicest gossip, the useless of comment-bazi, and a hub of pointless discussions.

well..I made an observation which I shared with a friend here recently after I went to a hair dresser place very recently...the shop was a pakistani one and there were a few old pakistanis sitting in the shop and discussing Pakistani politics...
but this is only true if its a Pakistani hair dresser :D..If its another country, say England, its not likely that they'd talk about their politics...khair, maybe beauty parlours and with women around, its probably a different story...
and waisay bhi, if women gather somewhere, all u can expect is pointless gossip :P:P:P
**runs away**

Ahmar said...

how do u manage to find such cute and apt pics :D?

Uni said...

Well, as deserving of a good scowl is your observation, it is also very damningly true. I have not seen any beauty parlour (like I have been to many :D -- but the meagre number I have seen) are replete with constant commentary, constant critical analysis etc... nothing very constructive, if you ask me.

Good for you, you have a nicer place out there. I dun really know what happens in men's salons. what kinda talk, I mean.

The pic is really cute :D.. found it by chance only. Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

hmm....When I had made that observation, it wasn't in the positive sense...at that time, I felt that hair dresser is the ideal place for idle people to gather and talk....
and actually, back in pakistan too, I have always seen people talking about politics in these shops...(but I don't think so that its an insight analysis...so not that positive..

Uni said...

I guess. But it's still wayy more positive than say, should the dupatta be set THAT way, or THAT way, should the angle of the bangs be this way or that way ... and should there be a mixture of pink/purple eyeshadow with a particular dress, or purplish gray...:P (and thousands more variations of the above)

Man you haven't experienced the torture... :P