Friday, March 26, 2010

Ada Lovelace is a woman !!!??

Advanced OS had never been more painful than when we started Ada, the world's first concurrent programming language. It may be interesting, okay. But for now, for us, and from what we're taught, the only word to describe it is: painful. The weirdest bit ? :D . In Ada, when processes interact with resources (after so many signals and what not), that's called a Rendezvous :D (what a name! French word for 'A meeting at a prearranged time and place' pronounced raaan-dayyy-woooo).

Yesterday I came across this piece of news:

Ada Lovelace voted most popular technology heroine
Ada Lovelace has emerged as the most popular role model in a day dedicated to celebrating women working in the fields of science and technology. .....
Ada Lovelace worked with mathematician Charles Babbage in the 1800s. Mr Babbage's invention, the Analytical Engine, formed the basis of modern computing. Ada Lovelace is therefore credited with writing the world's first computer program when she came up with a way of using the machine, which was never actually built, to calculate a mathematical sequence known as Bernoulli numbers.
Full news item can be found on the link above.

Why am I so surprised that the person behind something like ADA is a she ? :P .. The only fact is that I, like most idiots brought up on the planet, thought that women aren't very capable of competing in the world of developers of completely new programming languages. They may be great developers of existing language - based software, and other tech stuff, but this was sooo.. surprising! And pleasing :S.. But I sure wish that she'd developed something ... not-boring!


M. Shuaib Khan said...

Haawwww! Programming languages aren't boring. They are used to program the OS, the web server, the blogger software, and the browser, all of which make this blog of yours possible, and interesting. :P

Uni said...

Lol very true. But I never called all programming languages boring... just erm.. Ada!

Thanks for dropping by!