Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday: And the duaa is accepted :D

Salaam to all.

Maybe Friday, being my off day, is also becoming my update-blog-like-crazy day :S. Anyway, there is stuff to write and keep it as a cool memory, otherwise the moment will be gone. So today, I had gotten out (after a loooong gap), this lil book called 'Manajaat-e-Maqbool' .. it has really nice duaás which you can do each day of the week. One of the duaás I read was "O Allah, please Hive me Ilm (Knowledge) that which is beneficial to me." And here, the beneficial means the knowledge which spreads good in this world, and that which earns one a certain Jannah (Paradise) in the Hereafter.

After Zuhr salah, as I got up from the prayer mat, Chotpo came in the room, waving a piece of paper she had found outside. It was an invitation to a 'Arabic Grammer and Conversation' class, timing of 4 to 6 pm, and when we checked the date, it said 26th March, 2010, Friday. That was today! When we checked the address, it was just down my street, a left turn, and a bit more! Coool! It was 3pm too, so I had time for lunch etc.

Khair, when I walked over to that place, I found this group of people, who had already joined a couple of months back. And I was a newcomer. :S:S. Always scary. Worst bit :P.. some of them knew my mum as they take her dars, and THUS... they expected me to be like ''equivalent'' to what my mum is.. :$ .. Double trouble. New + expectation level high. I explained as succintly as I could that I really didn't know any conversational Arabic and I am a complete newbie. Yeah, I have an intro to Arabic Grammar. Bus.

Man, could they converse in Arabic or what!!! The lady (instructor) is trained from Al-Huda and Masha Allah, was very knowledgable about the language. Sigh. I sooo wish I could be easily conversant in Arabic - the best result of that would be that I would understand the Holy Quran without any need for translation. The people there were pretty advanced, and my first day was spent looking at them and their antics :D with complete amusement. I could understand .. but of course, this needs practise. There were two other ladies in that circle, who were friends with the instructor, and had just come to observe the class. Masha Allah..! They were something like.. you say one Ayah out of the Quran to them.. they will be able to tell you exactly where it is from, what comes before it, what comes after it, what's the exact translation of it, the exact Grammar rules that are in that Ayah, and probably also the Tafseer and explanation of that particular Ayah :S:S... I am more impressed with such people than those who... uh, can code very well in Ada. This is the kind of knowledge that is surely going to reap great fruit both here and the Hereafter. Khair, I learned a lot .. even in the very first class. Plus, one nice thing. I knew the girdaan of zameer (pronouns) :D ... so was able to recite that along with them!

Who would have thought ''hadiqah'' means ''garden'' .. :) and Ahlan - wa - Sahlan means 'Welcome!' ... and .. umm
'Min Ayna Anti' means ''Where are you from?'' .. :P Aaj itna hee seekha.

So after a very nice 2-hours worth of lesson, I returned home to realise that the Ilm-an-Nafian (beneficial knowledge) dua'a has been Accepted by Allah, and now this is a chance for me to catch up with the others in this Arabic conversation/grammar class SO close to my home (and I didn't know it... man am I a hermit-ress or what!), and somehow ... juggle all of this in my platter.

Lesson for those who aren't that great in Arabic - like me:
You can learn! Insha Allah. Don't forget to pray, and don't forget to ... er,.. start learning!! 

Ada Lovelace is a woman !!!??

Advanced OS had never been more painful than when we started Ada, the world's first concurrent programming language. It may be interesting, okay. But for now, for us, and from what we're taught, the only word to describe it is: painful. The weirdest bit ? :D . In Ada, when processes interact with resources (after so many signals and what not), that's called a Rendezvous :D (what a name! French word for 'A meeting at a prearranged time and place' pronounced raaan-dayyy-woooo).

Yesterday I came across this piece of news:

Ada Lovelace voted most popular technology heroine
Ada Lovelace has emerged as the most popular role model in a day dedicated to celebrating women working in the fields of science and technology. .....
Ada Lovelace worked with mathematician Charles Babbage in the 1800s. Mr Babbage's invention, the Analytical Engine, formed the basis of modern computing. Ada Lovelace is therefore credited with writing the world's first computer program when she came up with a way of using the machine, which was never actually built, to calculate a mathematical sequence known as Bernoulli numbers.
Full news item can be found on the link above.

Why am I so surprised that the person behind something like ADA is a she ? :P .. The only fact is that I, like most idiots brought up on the planet, thought that women aren't very capable of competing in the world of developers of completely new programming languages. They may be great developers of existing language - based software, and other tech stuff, but this was sooo.. surprising! And pleasing :S.. But I sure wish that she'd developed something ... not-boring!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Delayed trip and Dad's selflessness :D


So Sis the Priss and TB alongwith the baby are off for a 'delayed honemoon' :D.. aww, how cute. The trip was looong over due. They, because of masroofiaat after the wedding, weren't able to go anywhere, and I remember sis being a lil 'frowny' about it :P. The downside is: No sis and the lil dude for ten or so days.


Life will be prettttyy quiet. Their destinations are Multan/Isb/Murree etc. Hope they have fun!!

Today, in the morning after Fajr, my Dad discovered a flat tyre in the car which I drive to Quran Class each day. I found him staring in perplexity at the spare tyre, which was snugly fitted beneath the CNG cylinder. There was no way the tyre could be taken out like that because the space between the cylinder and tyre was too small. I (the meano) thinking that I have to study Fiqh, hurriedly came inside, leaving him behind to try various methods to somehow get that tyre out. Opened my book, studied, drooped sleepily, and dropped off to sleep. What could I have done anyway :P. I had made a meagre attempt to hoist the tyre out, but realised that it was impossible.

I woke up an hour later, to find Dad still hard at work outside :S:S... he had called the driver, driver had gotten up hurriedly and walked over to our place (lives nearby). Then he had shown Dad the mechanism of moving the backseat forward, and thus creating space for the tyre to be taken out.

Alas, when the spare tyre was brought out after much hard work and sweat, it was discovered that it was punctured too! Poor Dad! He was soo dismayed. The good thing is that driver somehow took the car to a nearby tyre repair shop... and got the work done by nearly 9 am. THEN I got in it and drove away...

When I was about to leave, I heard Dad reciting Quran Majeed in his room... So even after doing such a lot of work etc, he hadn't dropped off to sleep, like lazy old me... and was doing his morning recitation... late.

Alhamdulillah :) The feeling is absolutely amazing to know that you have such a caring out of this world amazing Dad. May Allah Bless him for what he did today, and remembered to remember Allah as well :) :). It may be common to have amazing parents, but for each child, they hold a special place in their hearts, and each parent is unique in their own selves. I cannot thank Allah enough for having a Dad like that. And Insha Allah, my intention is to never ever ever... hurt him in any way.. ever. Insha Allah. *finally makes the resolve to be the most obedient daughter ever! (um, IA)*

So even though I ain't a ....


Reminders: Silly poem

The tide is high
(Reminds me of a song)
Of feelings
It's all wrong

The rate is high
(Reminds me of frequency)
Of the heart
It's rather an urgency

The pitch is high
(Reminds me of sales)
Of nerves, wracked, worn out
It's a sad, sad tale

The irritation is high
(Reminds me of mosquitoes)
Of the twists, turns of events
It's a bagful of woes

The intensity is high
(Reminds me of light)
Of the will, to survive the odds
It's a bundle of personal fights.

Copyright Uni Reminded-oony 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Qualities to look for in a Partner for Marriage

A really nice read. This was shared on FB. Really long :) but worth it. One of my most annoying (in a great way) cousins got engaged today :). Hope Allah Taála Blesses her marriage and gives her a real happy life Ameen. The full article can be found at the link below...

Qualities to Look for in a Spouse
The importance of specific qualities in a spouse and that some of those qualities are much more important than others.

Importance of the Topic

The Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) taught us in many hadith about the various characteristics which one looks for in a spouse and their relative importance and which ones determine success insha Allah and Allah's blessing on a marriage. Among those hadith:

"Inna al-mar'ata tunkahu lideeniha wa maaliha wa jamaaliha fa 'alaika bi dhaati ad-deeni taribat yadaaka."
"A woman is married for her deen, her wealth or her beauty. You must go for the one with deen, may your hands be in the dust! (if you fail to heed)" Muslim

In the following sections, we will discuss insha Allah, some of the most important characteristics that can be found in the Qur'an and the sunnah when it come to choosing a good spouse.

In the previous hadith, the Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) mentioned various characteristics that people, by their nature and custom, look for in a spouse. He did not advocate any of them, but merely stated them as facts of human nature except for the issue of "deen", i.e., a prospective spouses piety and practice of Islam - their fulfilling of the wajib and their avoidance of the haraam. We must be careful not to be superficial in this issue. The mere wearing of hijab or keeping a beard and praying in the masjid, while obvious requirements of piety, do not by themselves guarantee it.

Character and Behavior
In the previous hadith addressed to those in charge of the marital affairs of Muslim women and girls, the Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) commanded them to facilitate their marriage when they are satisfied with two issues: the faith of the suitor and his character. Therefore, the prospective spouses must ask and find out about the other person's behavior and manners. As a sign also, one may look at the other person's family's manners and behavior and many times (but not always) the behavior of people of the same family are similar. In other words, some characteristics tend to run in some families whether they be good or bad characters such as anger, politeness, stinginess, generosity, lying, truthfulness and so forth.

This characteristic has a certain role to play since one of the purposes of marriage is to keep both spouses from sins. The best way to do this is to have a strong attraction between the spouses. Although this is something which surely grows over time, initial impressions can in some cases become an obstacle to a successful marriage. Beauty has its role, but remember that it is way down on the priority list under piety, character and deen. When a person puts beauty above all else, the results can be disastrous. This is one of the big reasons that young people seeking to get married must be helped by more mature family members in making their choice.

Looking at a Prospective Spouse
As we have seen, the Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) encouraged men considering marriage to a particular woman to get a look at her. He (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) said in another hadith:

"Idhaa khataba ahadukum al-mar'ata fa'in istataa'a an yandhura minha ilaa ma yad'oohu ilaa nikaahihaa falyaf'al."
"If one of you proposes to a woman and if he is able to look at of her that which motivates him to marry her, let him do so."
Abu Daud & others (hassan)

Note that this hadith does not abrogate the limits of what a woman may expose to non-mahaarim. She must continue to be well covered except for her face and hands in front of all of them and the prospective husband, even if he has proposed, is no exception to this.If a man and a woman decide that they want to marry each other, this does not make it allowed for them to continue to see each other. Just the opposite, since the decision has been made there is no longer any need for them to see each other and they are no longer allowed to do so. This is because until the moment the offer and acceptance of the marriage have been pronounced, there is no relationship of any kind between them and all of the laws regarding strange men and women still apply to them.

Being Alone With (Khalwa) a Prospective Spouse and Other Questions
Can a Man be Alone with His "Fiancee"?
Again, no matter what words, promises, commitments, etc. have passed between the parties, until the marriage contract has been transacted and a man and woman are actually married, there is no relationship at all between them and they are to each other as any other strange man and woman. The Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) has forbidden for a man and a woman to be alone together. This ruling applies to a "fiancee" just as much as it applies to any other unrelated man and woman. One of the hadith which make this clear is:

"Laa yakhluwanna rajulun bi imra'atin illa ma'a dhiy mahram."
"A man cannot be alone with a woman except along with a male relative [of hers]." Bukhari & Muslim

Phone Calls
All the scholars have pointed out that it is not proper or acceptable for "fiancees" to be alone together or to have numerous encounters for the purpose of "getting to know each other". In fact, this is a horrible innovation that has spread among the Muslims. It must always be remembered that until they are married, they are like any other unrelated men and women to each other and their actions must reflect that fact.

Obviously, it is not allowed to be alone with, have telephone conversations or internet "chats" with unrelated men or women in order to "get to know each other". Those intending marriage but as yet unmarried are in the exact same position.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A truckful of women :D

The day had started lazy. I was dead tired. After a terrible Sunday. Short sentences in this post please. Incomplete too. Fragments as well. Too tired to process longer ones. *grinning*

So the morning was really lazy. Wasn't in a nice mood. Set off with a scowl. And saw 'The Truckful of Women'

:):) The sight always always amuses me (not in a negative way), because there is this whole either bus, or suzuki or van sort of vehicle, with huge space at the back and this whole family of women and children sitting there. Maybe they were going for a picnic, or maybe somewhere else, I dunno. But what I could see was, that they were many! And there were many kids. And that they were all pathans.

This sight cheers me up because...

As they looked over at me (I had maneouvered the car directly behind them), this happened in a sequence (and by the way, it always does!).

1. First, one of them looked at me, and her eyes grew wide. She nudged her fellow lady and pointed at me.

2. The two ladies turned around fully and gawped at me.

3. I was feeling grumpy enough to realise that hey, this is my chance of giving sadaqah, for free ! And with a bit of fun.

4. So I grinned toothily at them, and waved.

5. What happened to my short sentences? :P

6. They gaped even more (and this has never happened before :S), they covered their faces!!!

7. Was I embarrassed or what!! I had made them do purdah from... me??????
(I know that purdah is from women too, but only of a certain kind. And I certainly don't like to associate myself with that category! *hurt look*)

8. Khair, I kept up the wave/smile/cheery look thingie. The women had now all nudged each other, and everybody had rotated their necks and stared long and hard at me. With open curiosity.

9. THEN, the first two ladies started smiling back. Then others. More ...and they'd uncovered their faces too!

10. By the time I turned left (and they turned right), they had waved back at me! and grinned :D

How cool is that! The day suddenly became a lot brighter :)   -- Their kids looked like this one waisay...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

British boy kidnapped in Jhelum freed

ISLAMABAD: A five-year-old British boy kidnapped at gunpoint while on a family holiday in Pakistan this month has been released, the British high commission in Islamabad said Tuesday.

Sahil Saeed was taken from his grandmother's house in the town of Jhelum, about 100 kilometres south of Islamabad, on March 4.

“This is fantastic news. It brings to an end the traumatic ordeal faced by Sahil and his family,” British High Commissioner (ambassador) Adam Thomson said in a statement read out by a spokesman for the diplomatic mission.

“I would like to praise the high level of cooperation between UK and Pakistani authorities and in particular I would like to thank the Jhelum police for their role in bringing about the safe return of Sahil,” he added.

The British high commission gave no details on when, where or how the boy had been released, nor confirmed his current whereabouts.

Alhamdulillah the boy has been released! Whether it's the good work of our authorities, the British authorities, simple luck or whatever (since no shard of detail has emerged), its just very very good news that this kid is alright. What a relief for his parents. The agony they went through the past 12 days, it's beyond imaginable. The cruelty on the part of the kidnappers is beyond imaginable too. This is just one case. There are thousands such Sahils out there - waiting for authorities to intervene on their behalves. The kidnapping for ransom rate has steadily increased in the country. One can only hope that this situation doesn't get mazeed worse, and hopefully takes a turn for the better.

Btw, I didn't know this. Imran Khan has joined Twitter :P - I just went to check out his page, etc. But then again, just like Musharraf's Facebook page which is handled by a capable marketing agency in the US, this may be just this kind of promotion. Hope it ain't though (yeah naive, I know). 

So long!

PS: Wanted to write about my midterm - another post then maybe IA


Post written yesterday:

It will always remain a mystery why beauty parlours are centres for the choicest gossip, the useless of comment-bazi, and a hub of pointless discussions. Why can't they discuss, say, healthy politics (yeah, there is something like that), in the midst of the various things they're doing?

Khair. The recent hair-cut session was a lil offensive. *tries not to scowl*

Haircutting Lady: WHY? (I nearly jumped). Why would you want to cut ém?
Me: Not doing it out of choice. Doing it out of majboori. (partially true)
She: But whyyyyyyyyy?
Me: (trying to appear composed and not annoyed): Well, there is no need to keep long hair if they are all kharaab from the ends, they best be trimmed.
She: But you can just snip off an inch no? Just not make them so short! Come on!
Me: (wondering whether she doesn't want her pay or something): *firmly*, See, I can't manage them. They're not so great anyway. No big loss.
She: But listen. Long hair do not become so, very easily. They take a lot of time. To become long!
Me: *stubbornly silent*
She: Okay okay. Do take care of them now. No more cutting in the future ok?
Me: *sigh*
She: So which shape?
Me: Er? Shape?
She: No U shape etc? Bangs? Aur pata nahi kia kia which I didn't really get. 
Me: Aray bhui NO...! Straight cut. Bussss!

Phew. This can get seriously annoying. I wish there was a way one could cut their own hair, by twisting backward or something. I mean, all it needs is a comb

and scissors and a tap nearby... no?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's Happening in Lahore

Oh meray Allah.. We need Your Help desperately!

The afternoon suicide bombing news hadn't sunk in properly yet, that we have just now heard of five (Yes 5!) back to back blasts that have hit Iqbal Town, in the last 3 hours (as I write this) .. people are being advised to stay at home, and the city is gripped by an obvious wave of panick and paranoia. What is happening out there? (6 blasts now, but the authorities say the sixth was caused by a transformer exploding)

Today afternoon:
In the fifth attack in Pakistan this week, and the second in Lahore, two nearly simultaneous suicide bombers detonated explosives in a bazaar in the country's cultural capital earlier today, as people were sitting down before the main Friday prayers began (AP, Reuters, BBC, Geo, NYT, WSJ). At least 45 were killed, including about ten Pakistani soldiers, and nearly 100 were wounded in the strikes which appeared to target a pair of Army vehicles. Eight attacks have left more than 170 dead in Lahore in the last year (AFP). There have not yet been any claims of responsibility. 

Source: Foreign Policy

We're all spectators. Waiting and watching. Watching the devastation, and waiting for who and what it strikes next. The country is ripped with explosions. Our 'earthquakes' occur by the hour. There is nobody who can solve this mystery -- solve the puzzle, and answer the question: Why? 

Why now?

Why not 10 years before?

Why now that we are the most loyal allies in the 'War on Terror' ??

Why now that the country has offered free reign to not only foreign military forces, but also their private security agencies?

And in this entire sorry tale, who is being killed?

Innocent people and our armed forces. Brigadiers, generals, jawans, right and left, here and there... what are we... ants?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Low -- random thoughts

If I say I'm feeling low, that would mean I'm kinda down in the dumps. But what is the opposite of that?

Feeling high?

That brings to mind weird things, so probably the opposite is something else. The irritation level is such ... that folks are asking "Tumhain HUA kia hay''... What indeed, is wrong?

Wish I could pinpoint the 'maakhiz' of my troubles ...Check the Urdu :D... maakhiz means sources!

Which reminds me, today I said to this classmate "Tumhari tabiyat main bari ujlat hay" :D... So my Urdu is on the path to becoming acceptable. Insha Allah.

Am watching the Arrivals completely. I had previous stopped at 43rd part or so... I guess that's depressing me more. For those who haven't watched it, do take out some time for it. I can promise you, that even if it doesn't convince you, it sure as heck is informative. And our mainstream population is usually not at all aware of such things. We're all must -- totally lacking in any critical thought/analysis.

Critical thought reminds me of this cassette I recently listened to in the car. It was titled "Namaz main Khushu kaisay?" (How to pray salah, with full concentration?). The lady described various things, but one of them that really struck me was, that in namaaz, if you really truly want khushu and khuzu, pray with as little movement as possible. No swaying, no yawning, no scratching, no straightening clothes etc. And this helps... really. And try to gaze at a fixed point on the jaa-e-namaaz. Preferably the point where we prostrate on the ground. Just look at that point all the time. Also, you should know the translation of what you're reciting... at least that part of the Quran, one should know. It'll help. Insha Allah.

Yesterday's class was nice. I'm really liking AI now. Pity I don't study it at home.  The only low point about yesterday was sitting within a two-seat distance from this guy in our class -- who smokes. And it seems too rude to get up and change seats in the middle of the lecture! Sigh!

I thought I was okay in Mathematics. But I am not. I seriously SUCK at it big time. I never thought I was genius at it either. Just that it hurts big time when one is faced with a simple Math problem, and stares and stares at it, counts lines and points painfully, tries to rotate 3D figures inside the head, and come up with an utterly wrong (and ridiculous) answer.

Life (and our society) actually suck.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Facts to ponder upon? No

Disclaimer: Crazy, proceed only if you have nothing better to do.

1. When you're happy and you know it, clap your hands! When you're unhappy and you know it... then?

2. If at first you don't succeed, try try again! How many times do we try before giving up?

3. Roses are red violets are blue - Idiots are many, and so are you! For reading this :D

4. Living in my own world -- didn't understand -- that anything can happen (tan tan tan tan) when you take a chance. Is 'anything' supposed to be positive or negative?

5. Ooonth kee peeth oonchi, oonth kee poonch neechi (say it ten times). What is poonch?

6. Peter Pepper picked a peck of pickled peppers. How can peppers be pickled?

7. She sells sea shells on the sea shore. Doesn't she have anything better to do?

Weeeee have some lovelyyyy lofty trees to plant
We'll have a  new forest so don't say you can't
It's not too late to help and share
It's not too late to care
So join the protection squad

The earthhhh our homeee
Be very very kind
Protecttt naturee
Keep that in your mind

Let's not make our land look bad
Our home the earth is best
Hurrahh for the earth!
Hurrah, Hurrah our home the earth is best
Hurrah, Hurrah, it's not too late to care
Let's not make our land look bad
Our home the earth is best
Hurrah for the earthhhhh

This was the final song of the school concert, held in 1993 and 1995. I was one of the choir girls who sung it. Weird how easily I can type that whole song out... kids do have remarkable memories. Hope to forget today, for what it was, soon. Good thing grownups do not have that good a memory.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

A dash of Urdu - forgive me, experts

اسلام علیکم

امید ہے کہ آپ سب ٹھیک ہونگے - ہنسی خوشی زندگی بسر کر رہے ہونگے انشا الله - یہ زندگی نہایت کٹھن ہے اور کوئی خاص آسان نہیں - بڑے بڑے پہاڑ ہیں اور بڑے بڑے دریا ہیں - دریاؤں سے گذرنا آسان نہیں - اور پہاڑوں پر چڑھنا آسان نہیں- یہ سب کچھ زیادہ معنی نہیں رکھتا مجھے معلوم ہے، لیکن ذہین کچھ عجیب سا ہوا وا ہے جو یہ سب اگلتا چلا جارہا ہے - 

کیوں آسمان اتنا وسیح ہے 
 اور دماغ اپنا وہیں کے وہیں
کس نے بنایا یہ سب کچھ 
ہم نے یہ  سوچا کیوں نہیں 

زندگی گزر رہی ہے  
اک اک پل ہے موتی
سخت ہلتے ہوے جہاز میں 
ہے بھی کوئی آنکھ سوتی؟ 

بےخوابی کے عالم میں ہیں گم
انگلیوں کی ورزش کرتے 
فضول کاموں میں ہم
آخر کیوں نہیں تھکتے 

یہ بھی کوئی عقل ہے، فہم ہے
بے سکونیت کی سی کیفیت ہے 
جاگ جاؤ اب بھی لوگوں 
وقت میں اب بھی برکت ہے

Copyright Uni Urdu-Daanoony 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's the biggie?

You're old, way way old
Than you behave
You like to enjoyably
Rant and rave
Among friends.
You love stuff like honey, nuts and
Clumps of figgie
What's the biggie?

The world doesn't revolve
Around fashion you know
Your scarf doesn't HAVE to match
With the border of your coat
Any time.
You don't have to hide
Your love of sweets & lollipops that are sticky
What's the biggie?

Life is quite fair
To those who dare
Dare not to indulge too much
In girly stuff, makeup shakeup
In the world we live today
So very plasticky
Be different...
What's the biggie?

People do comment
Trust me on that
Your appearance, interests, demeanour
This and that
And more!
You can't escape, can't hide
So don't be so finicky
Chin up, relax! And remember
What's the biggie?

This poem is a lil weird
Not too well rhymed
It conveys a point
In 5 minutes time
So it ain't perfect
Don't be so picky
Remember the magic words
What's the biggie!

Copyright Uni Totally-lost-itoony 2010

PS: Can you tell I had an exhausting day?

We had to tell our schedules in class today. Like, what do we do from day to night etc. The girls had such interesting schedules. By interesting I don't mean they run a circus or something. The fact is, that I'm miserably selfish. Most of the girls spend time doing stuff for their families. Like cooking, cleaning, what not. The whole day gone. And they learn stuff too, so it can't even be said that they're not doing anything constructive. They definitely are... And me? Ho! What a loser. The most I could say was running around the house with mum and helping out when I get home. What do I do in the evenings? No real answer. Could only mention lamely about 'sitting on the computer' .. and 'yes not for long periods of time' .. Totally forgot books..! Khair. Should spend my time more constructively. Wish I were a more interesting person! Oh heck.