Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I want to remember today because of some criticism I received from a friend :).. now this ain't a smiling matter, but the fact is that I'm so darn sick of school, college, university colleagues thinking that I'm quite studious and what not ... that I gladly accept any criticism that comes my way (er, not that I appreciate the one which comes from Mum -- hey, that's like, all the time!).

Khair, so this girl in my Quran class, she, Nas (a very good friend of mine now) and I were talking about something. Some or the other topic came up. And she says to me:

MK: You know Uni, I couldn't believe your personality when I came here
(she had joined a week or so late waisay).
Me: Hain. Kew?
MK: Because when we had introduced ourselves, I was thinking that hey, this girl has done her engineering and from a reputed university, plus masters and all. She must be something.
Me: And :P... what did you find..
She: Yarrrr... it's like... hard to explain. You're not what I expected!
Me: Aray bhui.. batao to sahee. What did you expect?
She: Well, you know I thought you'd be sophisticated... intelligent... and
Her voice was cut off when two other people intervened :D:D:D and said: What do you mean you THOUGHT she'd be intelligent.
I beamed at them, but then again, that wasn't what I was looking for (as mentioned in the first para of this post).
MK: See, you were so weird, that at first, I had to check and re-check, because I had seriously thought you were acting!!
Me: (now feeling a lil weirded out): Er, acting. What type of acting?
She: Like you're all babyish, and immature ... all the time. Non-serious. I mean, you're old! But you don't act like that! And that is something I find very very weird.
Me: *no answer*

But the almia (problem) is that I don't have any means to cure this weird-ness. So critical analysis has yielded no fruitful result :S. Well, I can try to act all old-ish, and not .. *pauses*... skip in the corridor...
run with Nas upstairs --
argue with the teacher when she tries to separate me and Nas...
Being all scowly when the teacher DID separate me and Nas...


I wonder, how you, readers, handle criticism... (or if you even appreicate open criticism! Or get angry :P)



anas imtiaz said...


How I handle criticism? Depends on why and where is it coming from. It so happens that if something is indeed not right about me or my ways then the criticism automatically induces a guilt feeling or something like that, otherwise its all just thrown away in my brain's recycle bin :D

Uni said...

Well, if something isn't your characteristic, and they're saying it ... so it deserves the recycle bin :)

Thanks for dropping by!