Thursday, February 11, 2010

Testing times :S:S

I don't think I deserve this harsh a treatment. *doleful*

What happened was that we had a test (AI) today. I had (as usual) studied at the last minute, and had franctically looked up some stuff at the very end. So hua kuch yuun keh when the teacher handed us our papers, I wasn't able to recall ANY question's answer. 10 mark paper. 3 questions... :S:S Blank. I was a total...


I saw similar expressions around the room where kids had received the same paper (there were 3 different test papers handed out). After racking my brains for like an eternity (we had only 15 mins for this test), I raised my hand and dartay dartay asked the teacher whether I could exchange the paper with another type. She had around 4-5 of them and she handed me one (not looking very impressed with such blatant display of jahil-pan). Others also hurried to do the same exchnaging business. But obviously, the good paper ran out pretty soon. I got lucky...

Anyway, as I tried my best to solve the questions, my neighbour asked me "Yar what is the answer of this question, LOOK hereee..." (her paper was different to mine)..

I, erm... didn't look, and didn't answer... and it was quite uncomfortable (because she is a friend and we happen to spend a lot of time together in univ). Sigh. After the test,  she was very very upset, because her test hadn't gone that well (mine had been okay).. and then she goes like .. "ALL I was asking for was a HINT - and you didn't even bother giving that to me!"... Again, I had no answer. She hardly spoke to me for the rest of the time, and won't really forget this thing...

I wish I were brave enough to tell people loud and clear, that I consider ANY form of cheating wrong (be it hints, be it outright discussion during a test), and I don't think any result is worth lying to oneself and obtaining marks through wrong means. 

Oh well. The teacher wasn't taking papers back (because there had been such amazing cheating all around). She was furious. And I understand why. I would have been extremely mad too, were I in her place. Because the tests really did look as if they had been prepared with hard work and consideration... and this is the way students were treating it. 

As students tried to plead with her to consider the test and to please collect it from us, people were offering excuses - one of the excuses was "Miss, please daikhain... gultiaan bhe to same same hee hongiiii" (Miss, please think about it, our mistakes will be the same too won't they!). *double sigh*.. Man were they proud of their cheating or what!

Another shameful factor here. Many in my class are faculty members of the university. And yes, they were also cheating. Tells us a lot about the future of student population in this country. How I wish people would realise that they will be accountable for every minute (and second) of their lives. And any lie uttered or acted upon - they will be answerable for it. And I don't think this excuse will work ... "Oh come on... it's just a 15-min test!"


Ahmar said...

I wish I were brave enough to tell people loud and clear, that I consider ANY form of cheating wrong (be it hints, be it outright discussion during a test),

This gets difficult at times, in such situations..But you have to be bold about it and do it in a way to ensure that the other person tries to understand without being hurt...umm like, you can try to explain in a sweet tone and explain why you are unable to assist..If you do it in a sweet and friendly tone, it has a chance of working can even say things like,I will help you out in any lecture stuff you want me to get explained etc. during class/free time , and the reason I can't do anything like that in test is because its sinful and so on..

Uni said...

Hmm. Basically, in this case, I had already (a little time back) told this person that I'm not into cheating and this had made me quite unpopular in my previous classes ..etc.. :S So I thought I had made it clear. But this time, in the face of open criticism, I just couldn't say it in that tone :S

Thanks for the suggestion though.. I should try this...(someday IA)