Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sore and sorer



The day was eventful. Man, this was one of the reasons why I had aspired to be a doc when I was 12. Tooo many perks :D

So today, the perk was a 12-6pm trip for docs and their families to Arena, a club thingie which has stuff like food, rock climbing, ice-skating, games, bowling and what not. I was only interested in ice skating... (even though of course I have never done it before).

Anyway, so the food bit was nice. Bhanja stares so interestedly in food that one can't help feeling sorry for the lil dude, and I can't wait till he starts proper eating :P.. he'd enjoy it. After we had had a very nice buffet lunch, we went on to the bowling area.


Now (for those who have never went bowling -- I hadn't too till today), bowling is a game which requires arm strength and more than that, co-ordination... where exactly should you place the ball so that it hits the maximum pins. My first thought when I entered the bowling area, was to instinctively turn on my heel, and run for my life. EXTREMELY loud music. Extremely! No two views about it. The place was thundering with music. The lighting was low. The people were... er, different. Usually, I run away from such places. But the tickets were free and TB was already getting our names down - then he headed towards the game.

Lol. I stared in surprise when TB put his thumb into one hole (in the ball), and middle two fingers in the two holes above it. Weird position, I thought. He easily ran up (didn't run -- it was a different kind of running jump) and swung his arm, the ball went zooming down the alley, and hit most of the pins. *awed*

He played his turn, then it was "Uni" 's turn (lol, the names looked funny on the screen - TB, Uni and Nana) :D... Dad was very very interested in learning this game too! Anyway :D. I took the ball, stuck my own fingers in, and had a rude shock. The ball was heavy! :S:S. Man! Me and my wrestling inclinations :S. I glanced at TB and asked him, "Aren't there any lighter balls in here?" He was like, "There should be." But there weren't.

Khair, me staggered over the lane and released the ball. It rolled slowly slowly slowly down the alley, all the length, nudged the pins and all of them fell down! (except one). I turned back, beaming and well :S it was just beginner's luck I suppose. Since I didn't have any technique, after my first two lucky attempts, ALL the balls went into the gutter. All! Embarassing! Even Dad was better than me! And he was all gloaty about it...:D *grinning*. Oh well. Some people just learn up faster maybe. Sigh. What a bowling-loser I am. Tried to console myself with the thoughts that hey, I'm better at Arabic Grammar than both of them :P, but under the lighting effects, pulsating music and loud chatter of people, that didn't help at all.

That over, we went to the ice skating rink. There, we were supposed to put on skates, knee pads, elbow pads and helmets. As TB remarked "I feel like a clown" :D. I did too. Probably more so, since I was in Abaya/scarf. Looked extremely funny.


Got onto the rink. The guys (guards maybe) were superb skaters. *mournfully*.. There too, I grabbed the side rails for support and tried to skate gracefully along. Wished there were more females in there too ... **ruefully**.. This one girl, she was consistently refusing to come onto the rink, despite her parents' pleading with her to "be brave -- and go in the rink - daikho yeh bhe to jarahi hay (pointing towards me)" :D... I tried to encourage her too... told her I haven't ever skated in my life. But to no avail.

SO... fell twice I think, lurched and hobbled along, tried to keep my balance... 20 minutes were over only too soon! I asked the training guys, keh how did you guys learn it? They were like (quite proud of themselves, and I dun blame them), that we had never skated before too. Just that they have been working here for 3 months. That's it. They learned it themselves!

Man! Do we have natural athletes or what! Sports should really be promoted in this country. We'd be champs without training :P.

Finally, drove back home. Mum and sis, all this while were busy changing Bhanja and playing with him :D .. they were least interested in bowling and TB thought that if sis goes onto the rink, and breaks a bone, who will look after his kid eh eh eh.

So now, after quite a few hours have gone by, I can only groan and wish I worked out better or something. Every pore aches, and complains right now.



Sis the Priss said...

Hahahahaha yeah I was only too glad to stay at the sidelines so you guys could have fun cuz believe me, the little guy did get upset at the first blast of music and his daddy was ready to run home. LOL

Uni said...

:D ... I know! The kiddo shukar hay didn't create any fuss :P
Hope you get to do some bowling next time !

Ahmar said...

d TB thought that if sis goes onto the rink, and breaks a bone, who will look after his kid ..
lol :D

It sounds like a fun-filled and eventful day...I have never had such a day with family :S (like playing games n all...)

Uni said...

Well :) we only had it cuz it was a free event. Warna inn places main jana is a sure waste of a lot of money.

Yeah, it was fun.. it was our first time too!

Thanku for the comment