Thursday, February 25, 2010

Self-analysis, laughter and lessons


The day was interesting. Not only did I get to grill the critique (friend from my previous post) more about the personality flaws I possess, but also got some valuable lessons on ... the "self."

So the improvments I have to make Insha Allah are:

1. Lesser interest in toy snakes and lizards, that look pretty real and are way coo.... *stops*..
2. Should speak maturely
3. Shouldn't talk while class is going on
4. Should think carefully about the maturity-level of whatever I'm about to say
5. Remember at all times that I am not a teenager.


That done, the laughter portion came when Dad came home from his lunch today. There was a doctors' lunch thingie at a local hotel here, and Dad and Apa (phuppi) had gone there. So they narrated, that there had been a lucky draw at the function. When the thirty or so doctors had put in their names, the winners were announced. Now, this doctor's name was called out, and he received a DVD player. My Dad (a/c to Apa), says "Yar, yeh maulvi kia karay gaa DVD player kaa"... :D (the doc had a beard)

The next name was called out "Dad's!"... :D:D:D [Apa narrated that... she turned to Dad and said ... lo bhui, tumhari to white daarhi hay :D aur baray maulana ho.. what will YOU do with a dvd player]

A/c to Apa, Dad jumped about a feet in the air, and rushed up the stage to receive it ... *tries not to laugh*. When he came back beaming, the first thing he announced to me was "I won a prize!!!" and I was like "Whaaaaaatttt"... (i become insanely excited at the mention of 'gift' -- be it a ball pen :$:$:$ -- should put it in the improvement list waisay). We both excitedly tore off the wrapping paper and exclaimed and what not (yeah yeah, I know.. dvd player...big deal :P).. but hey, it was a gift!

Waisay :D.. what indeed are we going to do with a DVD player. We don't even have a decent monitor (and the TV dates back to when I was 5... cuz I had broken the first TV :$) -- Khair.. :D its a gift!

So a lot of laughter there. Then just now, came this lady. And she always gives me a lesson.... A lesson of humility, thankfulness, sweet generosity...etc. Her story is that she is financially quite limited, and has three sons. Her husband... weirdly, doesn't work. So she teaches in a nearby school and somehow, runs the family. The tragedy is that her youngest kid is mentally challenged.. :(. So she has to take full care of this lil kid who is I think 10 years old now.. and support the family as well... I just can't fathom... how can a person bear so MUCH aazmaish (challenges) and YET remain so sweet, generous and non-complaining... It's beyond me. Gives me a lesson every time, and I hope her story gives you a lesson too. We should be very very thankful for whatever we are handed with, and always always look (and take lesson) from those who are less fortunate..

May Allah Grant us sabr, and shukr, and humility in prayer. Ameen.



Ahmar said...

congrats on the can be gifted to somebody OR better , sell it on ebay :P....
And nice company you have, this lady with three kids...And I wonder why doesn't her husband work :S...

Uni said...

Well ... we would have gladly gifted this to anybody -- but you know, we're reluctant because a DVD player in most households runs all kinda idiotic stuff, and we don't really want to end up being the source of that :S

And hmmm :D nice idea! But oh no.. PayPal :(

Her husband is content because he sees that his wife somehow provides for the family, so he just doesn't do anything -- I think addiction has got something to do with it too.

Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

what kinda?
coffee? tea? drug ?

Uni said...

Oh ... :$.. it's drugs I think.. Something like that. Because he most certainly isn't sick or anything. But yet, no work :S

Anonymous said...


PLease send me that dvd player.. i assure u that i wont use it for 'bad' purpose.. (atleast i will always try, not to use it that way)..

Uni said...


Why in heavens are you anonymous ? *annoyed*

And well.. it's a risk :P .. so no we'll keep it.. thank you (for the offer of an offer)

Anonymous said...

I dont have valid username, thats why am using anonymous.. it does nt mean that i dont ve a name. i ve a beautiful name. :)

i desparately need a dvd player.. :(

Uni said...

Then use your name.. **even more annoyed**

And btw, you're using the word 'desperately' .. this alone means that the player isn't really going to be put to much good use!