Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rollercoaster of emotions


Today I learned something important. Our tajwid teacher started this discussion a couple of days back, titled "Dunya kee haqeeqat" (The reality of this world), and we had a good discussion on things that SEEM tooooo important, but in reality, your heart is just hanging on to it, and it's only a matter of careful thought that you realise the MORE important things in this life (Like the Hereafter), and let go of the things you adore easily peasily and with a smile on your face. NOW. The practical bit. We were asked to bring stuff from our homes that we can NEVER part with, things we hold MOST dear and can't even think of giving them away.

People got interesting stuff... Some brought their diaries, notebooks where they'd written their shairs (verses), watches and pens, gifts and cards given by friends, one lady brought her often-used Holy Quran etc :). I had taken my precious Physics books (which I sadly don't let people touch :$), my netbook (dad's suggestion, I had forgotten), and my toys. Er, :$ that toys bit was really embarrassing. Imagine the girls' shrieks when my theli was opened up, and the jumping spider, snakes, lizards and flies were brought out, ughed and ewwwed over, and passed around with revolted looks. "WHO in the world would hold THESE precious!!" remarked one disgusted young lady. I couldn't sink in my seat lower :S

Khair. The point to note is that the teacher had brought jewellery items (as HER precious things) and she calmly distributed her stuff among the students. After we had exclaimed over her gesture, she says "This is the maqsad (aim) of this exercise - to inculcate the feeling that yes, I can give these precious things away - I'm not holding on to anything in life because my life here is temporary and not permanent." We were rather silent and awed by this gesture.

But .... HOW can I give those Phy books awayyy! *wails*..


 There was a friend's wedding a couple of days back. All the A-Level crowd had gathered together and Masha Allah those friends were also there who live abroad ... so it was a huge reunion. Sigh. EVERYBODY who met me exclaimed "OMG ... is this U!!!???"... :(

Today, I took out some old CDs of our A-Level farewell and graduation ceremonies.. *nostalgic smile*. Those were the years, seriously. 2004 was I think, the very best! Anyway, the emotions struck me pretty strongly, as I watched myself entering the farewell hall, accompanied by friends and other teachers (the graduating class had quite an entrance), and something that struck me a lil too high was that right beside me, another student was entering the hall, chatting on the phone: And he was the President of our batch. Ahmed Mehroz. He's no longer there. This was what hit the hardest -- and i guess that's pretty normal when you see somebody laughing and talking, completely normally around with friends, not knowing that only 2-3 years down the line, his life will be over... *sniffles*..

It was worse watching the Graduation video, because the Students Council had entered with the flags, and there he was again. Then he was supposed to give the vote of thanks and me the valedictorian speech -- these things brought back such amazing memories ... it was a truly happy time and we really and truly didn't care much about our futures, our lives, what we were going to do next etc...

I don't really wish for that time to come again, because obviously I wouldn't want a repeat of these times... but I sure do wish there was a warning period, where a person would have known that the end is near - and would have turned a new leaf or something. I am so scared of dying while watching Wizards of Waverly Place (yuck).


We talk about "emotions" to be 'expressed' on particular days of the year -- We should realise that this life is so temporary, that anything we do must be weighed against the scale of "right - wrong" ..  even the smallest deed we do, like setting a Facebook status that mentions the V word... (in a mushy way)

This Valentine's Day, I have a suggestion for all those who consider this day to be stupid, idiotic, un-Islamic - you name it. The suggestion is: Why don't we all, call up the various FM channels broadcasting special shows in which you're supposed to dedicate lovey dovey messages and mushy songs to your Valentine -- and protest against this entire profitable media frenzy... express our opinion in a clear, calm manner that says that we don't believe in V-Day and is this really necessary for a nation who is already suffering from a total moral decline..? I think we can make a difference, if we all contribute in some way or the other. The trouble is that the anti-V group remains quiet the whole day -- we should also jump in the field, and make some noise (with opposing voltage levels :P.. so that it balances out their noise).

What d'you think?


Ahmar said...

so did the teacher then give away her jewellery?
And you don't allow others to touch your physics books,so were you concerned about others holding it n all :)?

As for the Valentine day thingie, welll...we should make noise, I agree :P but in a manner that doesn't make it sound like judging somebody or directed at anybody in particular so that if somebody argues, one can justify it by saying that its simply an excercise of right of having and expressing an opinion...

Uni said...

Yep she sure did :)

And er, no I wasn't.. (not when I was hovering about very very very..near them)

Well yeah, we're not getting personal but at least we should express that we do not believe in this tehwaar and that we believe it's something that goes very very against the whole Islamic way of life too. (and if they argue that love can be between a child and parent, then ask them whether the teenage and tween population uses this day for THAT? or the original valentine tradition?)

Ahmar said...

not when I was hovering about very very very..near them
samajh nahee aayi...

Uni said...

Oh I meant, :D I was hovering anxiously about (when the books were being inspected) so that koi book gir wir na jayy ...etc

Uni said...

Ya agar giray, to I'd be there to catch it :P

Umer said...


Ahmar said...

lol :)