Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nasheed vs Taraana


taraana = a poem sung out but not with any musical instrument

So in Calligraphy class two days back or so, our teacher (who is also our tajweed teacher and happens to have a very powerful voice Masha Allah) asked us in general "Do you guys know any taraanay?"
People generally murmured, "Yes Misss"... 
Me not generally mumbled, "No Misss".... (I didn't say that I know our national anthem :S..)

So students requested her to sing a taraana. She replied, "I won't sing it till I hear three particular students in this class sing a taraana... a complete one." ... Then the three students were pointed out, and to my horror (and astonishment), one of them was me...

"But I don't know any!" .... I finally blurted out.
"You DON'T???"
Me: No!
She *disbelievingly* ..How come?
Me: Er, we never had any taraana played in our school, home or any other place, so never heard one, never sung one (like I can dare to sing in public)
She: That's very strange! You should know taraanay.
Me: (having had enough of NOT knowing stuff): I know nasheeds you know..
She: What's a nasheed?
Me: Uh, it's an Islamic song kind of thing without music
She: Must be in English... :P
Me: (thinking that if I were a gora, I would have blushed right now): Yeah, the ones I know are in English
She: Tumhain kia Urdu samajh nahi ati? (Don't you understand Urdu?)
Me: Er, I do... it's just that I don't know taraanay... They dont necessarily have to do with language..
She: Acha sahee hay, jo bhe nasheed ati hay, sunao!
Me: (thinking OMG)... Miss, chore dain... Ap suna lain aisay hee... meri nasheed is NO MATCH for salees Urdu walay taraanay ...
She: No.. (smiling widely). Sunao foran shabaash... Kaunsi suna rahi ho? (Sing it now... which one will you sing?)
Me: (thinking wildly and wondering what in heavens have i done wrong in life to deserve such an embarassing moment in life) ..I know Zain Bhika's Give Thanks to Allah
She: Sunao..
Me: (drowning in shame).. sings out the lines..

Waisay it might sound extreme that I feel such embarassment on such things, but ...hello. Singing is NOT my thing. I detest dholkis and i don't know songs. I enjoy nasheeds (and even singing them)... but in private. Nobody around! Ugh...

Oh well. The reaction wasn't bad. They didn't cover their ears and grimaced.. :D ... They were more like .."why were you making such a fuss earlier, when you could sing and all?"... Sigh. You just can't win sometimes.

The taraanay which the other two students recited were excellent.. :S Extremely good MA. And the teacher finally fulfilled her promise and sang one too... it was out of this world MA. I've decided to learn one particular taraana up and post it here. It should be known... its so cool. And it adds to my vocab as well. (its called Ay meray zindaan kay sathi)... [and zindaan means jail *proudly*]

I JUST heard the sad sad news of Dr Afia Siddiqui being found guilty of all seven (weirdo) accusations that were leveled against her... and I have no words to express the grief, anger and frustration I feel right now.


Just searched on YouTube, and found the zindaan wala tarana... :S
It's SO applicable to the above news item :(


Ahmar said...

I came to know of the news right now..**extremely sad**

Uni said...

Yeah.. it's beyond horrible. And I dunno if you'v seen this, but Dr Afia's mom and sis were on TV, giving a press conference. Its enough to move stones.. it was that touching...

Things seem so helpless around here.

Thanks for dropping by.

Leena S said...

i hate dholkis too, i have always ben embarrassed to sing in public i dont know why although i can sing for hours wen i am at home :P

Uni said...

@Leena S
:) join the club!

Thanks for dropping by :)