Sunday, February 7, 2010

And Why?

Why are our egos so large?
In other people's shells
We're so eager to barge

Why aren't we satisfied
With the little that we have
What do we have to hide?

The state of affairs is such
We're sinking below humanity
Who bombs a hospital?

We harbour ill feelings and hatred
Within us, our hearts
Centres of nursing bitter regret

Wish we learn, wish we accept
What we cannot change
Change ourselves, try not to be inept
If only...

Written at 4.21 am :S:S What do you expect... **stumbles off**



Ahmar said...

Written at 4.21 am
eyes wide open...
when I sleep this late, which I do at times, I can hardly work the next day and mostly skip going to department..I wonder how can you manage work the next morning :)

Uni said...

Well it was a Sunday the next day bhui.. and I just had to finish something which took so long..

Thanks for dropping by!

Insanely insane said...

Beautiful, even if it was written while half asleep. :)

Uni said...

@Insanely insane
Funny name :D

Thanks... (event though I may not particularly agree with you :P).

And btw, is "Forever" meant to be a romantic blog? I was a lil overwhelmed with all the love oozing out of there :S [btw, you write beautifully too, Masha Allah]

:) Thanks so much for dropping by!