Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Take care of today only

Excerpt from the book "You can be the Happiest Woman in the World" written by Dr Aid-al-Qarni.

A happy person once said:

"The beautiful day is the day on which we have control of our affairs and our affairs do not control us. It is the day on which we control our desires and we are not controlled by them like slaves.

Some of these days I can remember and will never forget.

Every day on which I managed to save myself from the vicious circle of worrying about what I can and cannot do is a wonderful day.

How wonderful is the day on which I was hesitating whether to do a deed for which people would praise me or a deed for which no one would praise me, and no one would know abut it, so I forsook the praise of people and was content to do an action which I will remember for as long as I live, but which no one will hear about.

How wonderful is the day on which I felt that my pockets were filling with money but my conscience was devoid of dignity, so I decided that I would rather be penniless and have a clear conscience.

These days are wonderful and the most wonderful thing about them is that my worldly gain on these days is very small, but the fact that I gained self-respect from my actions far outweighs that, and what I gained on such days is great, praise be to Allah, the Exalted, All-Merciful."

"Be happy for what is in your hand, content with whatever Allah has decreed and give up all daydreams that do not suit your efforts and abilities."
An excellent read :). I highly recommend it. Even though I have yet to finish it whole, I know this is one great book. Why? It doesn't teach anything new. But it reinforces the already-learned/heard-about stuff in a manner that it just strikes deep into the heart, and stays there ... for at least sometime.

We leave too many things on "tomorrow" (like my exercise plans, Arabic learning, and reading some amazing books I have, but never gotten down to reading them! *scowls at herself*), but the only day when one should start, is today. We have no clue what's going to happen tomorrow. And being a Karachite in 2010, I say it with 200% certainty now. Nobody knows. And hence, the only way we can earn some good deeds now, is starting now... and not later. Good luck and prayers for...


Ahmar said...

I wish I had this nice habit of reading books too :(..
Interesting book (judging by the title ) that you have laid your hands on :)...

I so agree with starting things now rather than saying tomorrow/later....(tomorrow never comes...:) )
If only people can get over with the habit of procrastination, there is so much that people can end up achieveing..I have a very very bad habit of just procrastinating and hardly ever achieving what I hope to do ...:(

Uni said...

One can always develop a habit you know.. I mean...start with one page TODAY .. :)

And yeah, its very interesting. Serves me very well in low times.

Insha Allah we can achieve stuff we want to... only if we stop wasting times ... and work on stuff that seems teensy .. but in the long run, becomes worthy of mention.

Thanks for dropping by!

Salman Latif said...

Great post! And I readily agree.
Plus, it's a fact that if only we stop worrying about things we don't have and the long plans we make, and care for today and do things that need be done, we can rid most of the worries we find ourselves in.

Uni said...

Totally.. :S I do wish we are consistent in following the good things we know IA

Thanks for the comment