Saturday, January 30, 2010

NOW I realise the value... :)

These days are very useful for me, in terms of learning of course. The MS courses are actually enhanced by the Quran course I take in the morning. I have NEVER appreciated human intelligence and the intelligence with which our brains have been created... more. The All-Wisdom of Allah Taála has never been more apparent ... Alhamdulillah.

But I wanted to highlight a particular small incident that took place. As my turn came up to recite tajweed letters (we're on umm... **tries to recall**... saakin words. Where we have to stop and all :S...) So khair. I had to recite it like this ..

"Kaaf paish ko, Raa zer Ree, Kuree -- Meem zabar Ma = Ku-ree-maa ... Ku-rim" .. (lol)

Anyway, when I recited the first word, the teacher stopped me (strict teacher - I was sure I'd done something wrong).. and asked, "Where have you learned tajweed from?"
Me: *thinking wildly*.. Er, I haven't learned tajweed from anywhere?
She: You haven't? (thinking I hadn't understood her) : I'm asking you that you have had formal learning in tajweed right?
Me: Um, no I haven't.
(Class generally murmurs : Hainnn?)
She: Huh..?
Me: *equally blank and doesn't know what to say*
She: So where did you learn to recite correctly?
Me: Oh..! Well, you see, our mom used to sit with us and recite the Quran and point out all the correct sounds -- we didn't learn any makhraj formally (heck, I didn't even know what a makhraj IS - I didn't say that :P)..
She: Oh!
Me: Oh and yeah. We have always had the Mecca taraweeh and Mecca Salahs played on TV -- as far as my memory goes, I remember this thing. So we picked up the accent from there.
She: Acha! ... Chalain aagay sunaain.. (Okay, go ahead and recite)..

Anyway, the point of this post is that when I was really small, I remember there was a fixed time in the evening, when me and sis the priss were supposed to wear our lil dupattas, go straight to mom's room, sit down and recite. She used to correct us and point out the pronounciation errors. And then she used to read the tarjuma (translation). This helped us in such an amazing way, that we never had trouble reading the Quran.. and with the correct makharij. We're still not absolutely absolutely perfect in our pronounciation (as I'm finding out here!).. but at least we're okay with the basics.

And THIS makes me realise the extreme extreme value of the extra time a mother sets out for her children, and teaches them something about the Quran. The translation sessions were always followed by explanations and stories related to the prophets. And.. :D I always had fun because I could pick out that she had skipped a para or a line (hehe.. you can't read out EVERYTHING in the Quran to small children yeah). So my job was to pick out that she had missed a line, then go after her with long "Whyyyyy did you miss that line? Whyyyyy isn't it right for us?? Whyyyyyyyyy"... (no wonder I got scolded such a lot :S)

Khair, I'm so very glad and thankful for having a dedicated mother who (despite being a doctor --) didn't give up her basic responsibilites and taught us this stuff.. and it's second nature to us now. Alhamdulillah. People usually spend so much time teaching their kids stuff that would get them to a great pre-nursery ... nursery.... class 1 etc.. But this time should also be utilised in getting them proficient in Quranic recitation. Since we're not native Arabs, we have to learn it (and I bet they have to as well).

May Allah Guide us and Give us Hidayah

Another incident just came to my mind. Parenting related. This friend of mine is here from the US for a couple of weeks. She and I met up yesterday and had a little chat. She has two small kids. One daughter is four and the other is 6 months or so. Masha Allah :D such dolls!
She told me something that struck me as verryyy amazing Masha Allah. She said :

Me: I wonder how you manage it. Two small kids. A house with no servants. Everything + not sleeping at night because of the baby.. Howwwwww
She: Yar.. this was difficult when I had my first child four years ago. Now, my concerns are different...
Me: How can this NOT be difficult NOW..? *wide eyes*
She: See, this part of parenting (changing clothes, feeding them, cooking for them, bathing them, getting them to go to sleep etc) is the easy part. The difficult part is when I sit down with my four-year old, and read her stuff. The difficult part is the "tarbiyat".. this is something I am answerable for ... and this is something that will define them as a good human being and a good momin later on. I have to lay the foundation. And this worry doesn't let me rest for a single second. This is the most difficult part of raising kids..

I was speechless. Look at this parent's concern. Masha Allah, living abroad, she has a very good idea what a child can pick up and adopt as a lifestyle when they go to state schools. So she is exploring the idea of homeschooling OR getting the child into an Islamic School. It's amazing and inspiring to know such moms exist .. and I hope increasing in number :)


Knowledge seeker said...

Mashallah... mothers are our first teacher. Alhamdulilah Allah has blessed us with believing mothers..
may Allah make us like them. ameen.

mashallah! may allah guide her children to right path and make them firm to their deen!
That's every Mother's concern especially the ones in the west.
Ya Allah guide us all..ameen!

Uni said...

@Knowledge seeker
I know :) MA. Ameen. I wish all moms think this way, seriously!

Thanks for dropping by! :)