Sunday, January 24, 2010

An inspiring day :)

The day was inspiring in a very different kind of way. Masha Allah, a woman accepted Islam and said the Kalma in our institute...! Alhamdulillah. What an awe-inspiring moment!

We learned about her more, and basically there was a teachers' class going on upstairs which was being conducted by this Maulana .. and he was the one who made her recite the kalma, and she repeated after him. The best bit was that he said very clearly beforehand, that when somebody accepts Islam, there isn't supposed to be any fanfare, and not something of a special event. But today, since there was a class already going on, with a nice crowd present, and this was a happy occasion, the lady had been called :)

She looked such a sweet, simple lady. We learned later, that her brother had accepted Islam, and married a Muslim lady (a long time back), and she had learned about this deen from her brother and sister-in-law only. Furthermore (something that made me stop short for a while and stare), she is married with 2 or 3 kids (husband hasn't converted). So under Islamic law, when a woman converts to Islam, and the husband doesn't, the nikkah gets over :S And knowing this, she took this hugely bold step!!

Alhamdulillah...if we think about that for a second, we will realise at one that what she did was NOT easy! (I do so hope she gets to keep her children, OR her husband also accepts Islam )...How taken for granted our "musalmaaniat" is :S.. one should really reflect on that.

As a teacher put very aptly "Hum asli nahi, nasli musalmaan hain" (we're not real muslims, we're just born muslims)

May Allah Guide us all Ameen. I would like to read this book waisay.... looks interesting.

You can get it here


Knowledge seeker said...

May Allah also guide her husband so they can raise Muslim children..ameen..

Uni said...

:) I sincerely pray and hope so Ameen!
Thanks for dropping by :)

Ahmar said...

masha'Allah...It really is a bold step..May Allah make it easy for her...

Uni said...

Ameen ... I wonder how many people have the courage to knowingly take a step, when there is a big chance the family will not be theirs any longer, and kids might not live with them etc etc.. Its huge...:S

Umer said...

I do hope people learn to give some space, or at least only leave alone, those who decide to leave Islam and convert to some other religion, and hence get themselves out of terrible hypocritical contradiction!

Uni said...

Well I think choosing Islam (or not) is a free choice of the individual. If somebody studies religions and doesn't choose Islam that means he never was a Muslim (even if he was born in a Muslim family). So no compulsion here. It's a free choice.

Thanks for dropping by!

Umer said...

I hope other Muslims also understand this.

Uni said...

I hope so too.