Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is all hope lost?

This comes from a recent comment where I was reminded aptly that it's not wise to let go of all hope. If I analyse the situation around me a lil carefully, it is not ALL hopeless :) Indeed it isn't.

Lemme balance it out so that when I look at it, it would remind me of the good ... with the bad.

1. Our politicians are idiots.. but not all. Our public can be major idiots, but again, not all :) I have people around me (rare, but there!) who actually agree with this line of thinking.

2. The NRO bashing may not give these men due punishment, flush out all their money and restore the stolen wealth to the country. But it has truly exposed the thugs, and at least the world can now SEE the truth with their own eyes!

3. Umm. I may have a lot of free time on my hands sometimes. But I'm living in the age where technology has advanced to the level where a person can learn a lot...remotely... by simply looking and researching in the right places. Hurray for lectures online!

Life isn't that bad :)


Umer Toor said...

Life isn't that bad

Human beings cannot function in the state of despair.

Uni said...

:) well they can sometimes :P. Remember Guantanamo?

But on a general human psychological level, maybe you're right. Have you heard of sensory-deprivation tanks waisay?

M. Umer Toor said...

What is it? *curious*

Have you heard of Franklin, the psychologist, you came victorious out of concentration camps (re: 7 habits...)?

Uni said...

Sensory deprivation tanks are used for a variety of purposes - basically, you're shut up in a tank, which is dark, so you're devoid of your sense of sight.. maybe its totally tight, so you're devoid of any sense of space etc etc. It may have water, so you're floating .. that can be used for meditative purpose. But why am I mentioning it here, is that its used in interrogation techniques, using water to totally fill the tank.. WITH the person inside it.

That means drowning :P .. and the prisoner beychara certainly believes so.. :S :S but actually the water is breathable .. (carbo something something.. u can read it up online).. so that is TOTAL despair.. :P and the human functions in it..:P.. he THINKS he is dying (which is the purpose of the interrogation :S:S cuz then he'll say anything :S imagine water pouring into your mouth, and not being able to breath normally .. drowning is the worst ever nightmare) .. Khair. SO I just wanted to refute your functioning wala remark.. and mentioned Guantanamo for this very reason.

And nopes. Whats the story behind that? Don't tell me to look it up.. :S It spoils the fun of storytelling!

Thanks for the comment.

MAK said...

lol...what an idea madam jii...

waisay nice information up there.

Uni said...


Mera nahi :P.. I got this particular info from The Lost Symbol.. Dan Brown. Read it?

And thanks.. :S (credit goes to Brown :P)