Friday, December 18, 2009

Haww!! shame shame

So now that the NRO has been blown apart, all the cases lie wide open for the world to see. I'm pretty much sure right now the time is ripe for some hardcore bargaining and bribing going on. Aitezaz Ahsan being a juicy example.


The whole irony of the situation is that these people, thugs (nothing less), their modesty and shame-factor is SUCH that Rehman Malik was seen sitting with the ulema of our country and smiling as they declared suicide bombing to be haraam etc etc (like we didn't know that). The shame-factor (scaling from 1 - 10, with 10 being the highest degree of shamelessness) is such that he has the audacity to sit among the ulema and declare nonsensical stuff... and ..!! The ulema never speak a word out against a man convicted of crimes sitting next to them! And talk about suicide bombers and what not. Hello....! Talk about duality! (definitely an 11 factor here!)

Ugh. As if thats not all, the Minister of Defense was not able to leave for China today with his delegates. For which he obviously whined a lot ... Why? His name was on the ECL.. Instead of defending THAT, the Minister of Defense was whining about not being able to leave whereas the Naval chief COULD.. :S:S

What kind of leaders are we living under !!

At least... at least its now proven (even though I'm still having a hard time believing that these people will ever be punished except on the Day of Judgement), that they are criminals. The court recognizes them as criminals. The people recognize them as criminals. And nobody can deny that!

At least now I can say to my friends (loads of them) who voted for a specific political party in Karachi local bodies elections.."Hey.. did you guys just vote for a party whose leader has 31 cases of murder against him ??"


M. Umer Toor said...

Shame is their destiny.

Your post sadly doesn't reflect much optimism and hope that is real. Prophet said that jahiliyya is to apply had punishment only on weak and leave the rich.

That has been our Pakistan for last 60 yrs. You've read the short-order notice, probably, it clearly shows the rahma of Allah SWT - We seem to be moving out of jahliyya. This has never happened with our apex court. Alhamdulilah.

Ulema don't speak of what is irrelevant, someone had come for a right purpose, they fulfilled his right cause and that's it. They are not the people of argument or like those who just want to criticize others. I believe they had only fulfilled their duty.

Uni said...

That's so true, that this hasn't happened before and it is positive news.. but whoever I have talked to.. reflects that these people won't ever be punished.. NRO or no NRO :S:S

Yeah :S A whole bunch of them, and they didn't speak out one glaring truth which is so obvious..!

I wish I could write hopeful posts about this. But the thing is that that would certainly be false hope :)

Thanks for the comment :)

M. Umer Toor said...

It is sunna of Prophet to be hopeful.

Uni said...

Yep.. its kufr to be mayoos. I agree totally :)

Thanks for the reminder :)