Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And finally...

The torture is over. The constant, dull ache at the back of my over-burdened brain... is gone! Yep. The last (est) exam is now gone - er, not very nicely though.

I made a huge huge blunder. Cost me 10 marks. But it's not the marks that nag me :(. It's the stupidity factor.. worth much more than 10 points. Sigh. On the IQ scale, it would probably be equivalent to 50 points. And the worse (est) bit... :'(, I KNEW what I had to do... and I did it. Then at the last moment, crossed out all that (the correct bit), and then filled in a page of utter nonsense. Only because I wasn't able to remember the right procedure, and my mind somehow convinced me that whatever I had been doing previously was nothing but garbage, so I crossed that all out..

**tries not to sink in the miserable thoughts**

Khair.. It's over. Gone. Now this time is IA going to come six months later .. (Wow.. that's like..halfway through 2010!). Time definitely is flying. And my sense of achievement grows niller, and niller...and ni....... okay stop. (I feel miserable when dad says, "So... what are your plans?")

Yesterday's Meray Mutabiq (the program that has been banned and now airs from God Knows where..) had Dr Shahid Masood talking to Saif-ur-Rehman, (former chairman of National Accountability Bureu -- er, yeah.. something like this exists here)....and I listened in astonishment as Saif-ur-Rehman blithly conveyed the numerous charges brought up against our near and dear politicians and how they managed to scam it all off, by bribing the court. He also claimed that he has documented proof of everything. And ..(get this)... Musharraf is also not spared from the latest series of money-laundering charges. Apparently, there was this big hush-up deal (dunno the exact details -- but Saif ur Rehman does), and the amount involved was 10m dollars. Ho.. what a surprise. Everybody's sold out of course...(there is this nice proverb involving a hamaam - eh eh eh eh).. that's why they reach the top.

Khair. It shouldn't have come as a surprise then... to read this news today :D:D:D

Interpol approached to arrest Saif-ur-Rehman

ISLAMABAD: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has constituted a team for the arrest of Saif-ur-Rehman, former chairman of NAB through Interpol.

Sources told GEO News that Director General FIA Zafarullah Khan has formed a team for the arrest of Saif-ur-Rehman, ex-senator and former chairman of National Accountability Bureau.

Interpol, taking notice on the request of FIA, ordered the arrest of Saif-ur-Rehman from Qatar. Red warrant section of Interpol has started further action against the former chairman of NAB. He is no more able to travel freely.


As a dear friend once mentioned ... this :D:D:D has peculiar significance.


M. Umer Toor said...

is that not a ray of hope or a good sign...?

Uni said...

What's "that" ..?

If you mean, this piece of news I mentioned, then yeah, in a manner of speaking. But the ugh-factor is kinda more here, because this is the way TRUTH (if it indeed is the truth)... is being treated in the country. I applaud people who speak out.. but then, nothing really happens, because the more corrupted ones have their way :S

But if you see it as positive :D then sureee....:P

Thanks for dropping by :)