Friday, December 25, 2009

25th of December..

What I hope to be
What I plan to be
Are not certain
Act like burdens

The day is for celebrating
The birth of a man
Who had a vision
For certain

He saw what others didn't
With the exception of our great poet
Who didn't live long enough
For his vision to be ascertained

The new map emerged
The country was born
Many argue, many question
Was his motives islamic, for certain?

It's kinda weird
Somebody would go
To such lengths, for Muslims' rights
And not hold religious conviction?

Why else would a separate state
Be needed in the subcontinent
If independence could be obtained
From the British, without any tension

But Muslims needed to be
Separate from others
Their rights, separate rights
Their values different, for certain

This vision took shape
In the form of the country
Where we live today, thank the Lord
Credit to this one man's selfless actions.

Copyright Uni Wish-I-were-a-better-poetoony 2009


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Thanks.. *lil surprised*..
And btw, there wasn't any need to keep yourself anonymous :P

M. Umer Toor said...

Wonder why we can't write a PhD thesis on such a Man!

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@Umer Toor
True :).. Thanks for dropping by!

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