Saturday, November 21, 2009

Some really good advice

Salam. I'm feeling lazy. (wanted to do a post on the dars today, but too tired. Is it shaitan?) I guess the lecture today was a little on the draining side ... The upset stomach is NOT helping. Me and my passion for milk... serves me absolutely right. (I have milk allergy).

Yesterday night, I was kinda looking for inspiration. I didn't want to sleep (wastes time). So did my favourite thing in the world. Went up to my bookcase, and started browsing.

Me the weak human being came up with two books. You can see the difference between them yourself :

Sometimes, my actions shame me a lot.

The problem wasn't Shopaholic ... it was this book ALONG with another very worth-reading book. And (aur to aur), I read the shopaholic series few chapters FIRST, laughed at all the funny bits (the book's senselessness can REALLY cheer one up!), and then guiltily looked at the other book.

I seriously needed to be happy :D.. so of course, i had chosen this book from the bookshelf. Now, after reading the first few chapters, I've decided to share some good advice with you.. it's simple. And it makes sense. We might hear it day after day, but if we REALLY implement it, then I do believe this can make a real positive difference in our lives.

Found the first chapter in pdf form :D. Yeah. So these simple NOs are extremely effective in eliminating stupidities from our lives. Check out the first NO and the fifth one.. (actually, check out all). But the first and fifth NO strike home a lot. Time. It's the entity by which Allah has Sworn in the Holy Quran :( and said that man/mankind is in loss. And this time, is the one which has to be managed correctly and efficiently. Watching idiotic stuff on TV and comforting ourselves with the fact that "hey, we needed the entertainment" falls under the first NO. Basically, anything that gives us nothing in return ... is a NO. And it includes each and everything we do -- from browsing to emailing to blogging to watching movies/TV/youtubing... etc. The list can go on.

This shallow people thing. Stop here a minute. What exactly does the word shallow mean? According to my humble opinion, it surely refers to those people for whom, this world is nothing but a place to have the most fun, laughter, jokes, wit etc, and they make their duty to spend every minute of their lives pursuing these goals... Nothing serious, nothing to ponder upon. When you sit in their group, and get up 4 hours later, you have gained nothing,...absolutely nothing except that your throat is raw from all the singing, cracking jokes, giggling and rioting you have done. And if you have talked, you have talked about nothing .. useful. Current affairs? Nahi bhui .. hum to politics main nahi parna chahtay.. (very common sentence -- means that we don't want to indulge in politics). So basically a complete waste of FOUR precious hours of your precious lives.

One other NO that REALLY applies to me here is the "No to thinking of past calamities and dwelling on past mistakes" ... :S I really need to implement this. And it's funny. I'm a hugely forgetful person. But the brain is stupid. It remembers the past mistakes, the past deeds, the past stupidities, and things I know for sure have no good purpose in my life now.. but they persist. So here is a chance to improve ourselves, and at least try one NO per day :P.. Hopefully IA.

May Allah Make our tasks easy for us and enable us to have the right 'attitude' towards things. Ameen.


N.A. said...

Listen, I seriously need to get this book. Can you tell me where did you get it from? If it is available here in Pakistan then I will get it myself, else I'll have to work out some way to get it from you and then get it photocopied :(

N.A. said...

Eagerly waiting for your response :)... And great post, mashaAllah!

anas said...

many of these are just as applicable to men .. nice post MA

Uni said...

I think I got it from Darussalam Stall from some exhibition. I'll confirm it with sis. You can check at Darussalam store at Tariq Road. Have you been there? :)

JazakAllah for the encouragement.

Yeah :) I realised that too. It can of course apply to all of us. But some things are particular to women, like back-biting (sad to say) :(..

Hope it helps! And thanks for dropping by!

Sony said...

How can this make a woman (or anyone) happy? At most, they are a set of restrictions without any explanation. I fail to understand what is so appealing about this list of "No"s...

Uni said...

Well :) the book is a set of advice, and the assumed audience is Muslim women. So it's assumed that the women (or men) who read this and try to implement it are those who are aware of their religion, and the commandments of Allah.

So this set of No's make sense because they serve as reminders OF THOSE COMMANDMENTS, and their role is just that. Belief aside, it makes sense even otherwise.

"No to wasting time, spending in idle persuts, no to giving in to every whim and desire...etc" these are basic things (which we all know, hence the list reminds us, as I mentioned), which lead to happiness.. and :) I don't think any explanation is needed for, say, "No to thinking of past calamities and dwelling on past mistakes" ... it's perfectly clear WHY it would make a person happy (instead of bitterly regretful).

Hope you got what I tried to explain..

Thanks for reading :)