Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A pretty insightful story :)

of how one person (a Muslim by birth) who had no acknowledgement of God, turned towards the deen. May we become those who SEEK OUT the message of Allah, and not assume, that just because we are born muslims, we're all set. Heaven is just waiting to welcome us, and there is nothing that can prevent us from attaining the heavenly abode.

Hope we realise that it's not too late to start the quest.. the quest of learning the Quran (not just recitation, mind you). The quest of finding out WHY this Book is called miraculous (and no, not all because of scientific facts found here). May we be sucessful in this oft-neglected endeavour of our lives. Ameen.


yousuf said...

somebody has been browsing nouman ali khan ..

probably, he is one shaikh our yo burger generation can relate too :)

the guy is awesome btw


Uni said...

Yeah.. I've been browsing :). I find these lectures easy to listen to WHOLLY ..:S Warna to I get tired 4 minutes into lectures..:(

Yo burger.. interesting description lol

Thanks for dropping by.