Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So nearly one hour from now on, I'll be setting out ... the journey from "Work" to "University" ...a journey I'm not quite sure of (I mean, the directions), but it's something I chose to keep quiet about. Uh, you see, if I make too much noise about the long distances (it's one hour from home to work, one hour from work to university), then I'll get the

1. Smirk
2. "I told you so" strings
3. "Foran job choro" (Leave work immediately)
4. You get the picture

So here I am, nervous as hell. [yeah, it's idiotic, but I can't help it, it's just me]. I'm the 'underdog' here.. as Younis Khan loves saying :):):)
Underdog in the sense, that the postgraduate field is different from the undergraduate one. I had hoped for some more daredevils along with me ... more classmates I mean. [koi to hota jannay wala]. But somehow, everybody dropped out. And went to the undergrad field. Sigh. That sucks.

So as I said, here I am, nervous as hell, knowing nobody, and thinking about competing with a bunch of very confident people in a different department, and knowing nearly nothing about the courses I am about to be taught.

Staring at Wikipedia didn't help. I know I don't know it.

God Help me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I can't decide the title!!!


I wonder how they do it. Minute after minute they receive calls and pop-ins of people from the office, who rely on them -- depend on them, for the go-aheads. Like, they have to make decisions by the second. Isn't it like impossible? Or at the least, hard? To make rapid-fire quick-brained, sure-of-themselves decisions?


Quite a comparison with the above, I know. But them too. Their entire families' meal depends upon what they choose from the kitchen rack that day -- or what they decide to buy from the "sabzi-wala" ... (vegetable vendor)... that day! The meal's success depends on what amounts they choose to put in from the spices bottles... it's profoundly gratifying to realise this actually...

And profoundly ... perplexing as well.

How do they do it? How are they so ... sure that yes, this is what is to be done. This is the right decision. This will get the right outcome...

We don't see managers (majority) blundering out on important decisions... nobody does that! We don't see mums (majority again), blundering about on their house duties.. :S:S Nothing like that happens...Are they supplied with some super skills? Where do these grow?

Can't I grab a handful of them?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Of mentalities .. and the jazba to shun them

Jazba = passion

The conversation with her (a complete stranger) went like this:

Me: Assalamualaikum
Her: Walaikumasalam

Me: What's your name?
Her: Hanana

Me: You're from Afghanistan?
Her: Yes I am

Me: Where in Afghanistan. Kabul?
She: Ohh .. no my parents came from Afghanistan. I was born in Karachi.

Me: Nice! So do you know Pashto?
*a little disbelieving silence*
Her: Of course! (in a voice that suggested : Do cats meaow??!??!?!!?)

Me (achay say embarassed now): You know, I don't know Pashto
*a snort from Chotpo behind me -- as she remarked "Kia infromation dee hay tum nay!"
Her: *laughing now*, yeah I know.

Me: Oh! Okay so do you study?
Her: No

Me: Er.. you don't?
Her: No. Aisay hee kaam chal jata hay nah (We make do without education)

Me: But...but... WHY?
Her: Meray ami abu ijazat nahi daitay (my parents don't give me permission)

Me: But...but...WHY?
Her: Um, aisay hee (just because!)

Me: So don't you WANT to study?
Her: *quietly* I would give anything to study. I certainly would.

Me: Oh !! So hey, listen up. Get some books. Give private exams, and there you go -- you're done!
Her: Ummmm

Me: Uh, you do know how to read haina?
Her: Of COURSE. I read digests

Me (aur achay say embarassed): Er, so see. Get some books. Do your matric privately. Then get Intermediate syllabi, and the books. Do your intermediate. Then get university books. Register yourself as a private candidate. Then you're graduated too!

Her: *after another little disbelieving silence* : Yeh sub kuch aik din main to nahi honay wala jaisay aap keh rahi ho! (this ain't happening in one day sister, the way you're talking!)

Me: *feebly* .. It's a start isn't it! Think big!
Her: Chalain..koshish karoongi. (Okay. I will try my best)

Me: Do that haan! You can study too! No big deal!
She: *smiling* : Yeah. Thanks for the advice. I will try

I happily put down the phone. When dad came home, he said "This 16 year old pathan girl had come in to get her cousin checked out. She had remarked "I wish I were your daughter -- at least you could have gotten me educated!"

At that, my dad had dialed my mobile phone number, and given the phone to her saying .. "Here. Talk to my daughter"

Lessons to be learned from this little incident:

1. I (and everybody out there reading this), am blessed a gazillion times, for having obtained education in my life.
2. If you're at home, that truly doesn't mean you're helpless. You can do a gazillion things.
3. Books are a person's best friends. The right kind of books. Do surround yourself with them, and read away -- every moment spent reading (good books) is a moment well spent.
4. Mentalities are hard to change. But there are ways to get around them. And this manipulation, dear readers, is welcome indeed. Of course, the aim/intention has to be good.

Just an inspirational quote to round the post up.. :)