Monday, April 20, 2009

Ugh... the ego!

A pilot digs his heels in
PIA delays flight, causes huge loss

Thursday, April 09, 2009
By Ansar Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: Non-availability of a business class seat for a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilot delayed a scheduled flight of the national flag-carrier from Karachi to Jeddah for almost one hour and a half, only because he had refused to travel in the economy class.


Basically, the PIA employees get business class to travel in, whenever they travel. So this one employee (co-pilot I think) wanted to travel from Khi to Jeddah and since the business class was full (of foreigners), he was offered a seat in the economy class.

The great man refused. I am (okay naively) surprised. What is so wrong in traveling one class lower? Does it impact your resume? Does it affect your DIET? Or your posture? (different seats I think)...what ?

So there was a nice negotiation party, with PIA officials trying to to swap one of the foreigners' seats by offering them 100 dollars to travel economy class, so that this distinguished gentleman could travel where his heart desired...


I believe we're all caught in this bubble, where we just don't think BEYOND a certain point. And that certain point is actually the boundary between the "I" and the "we".. where "I" ends, the bubble ends. No compromises for us.. we're special. So we should be treated as such. The position Pakistan is in right now, we're on a begging SPREE. Every day, I hear the President or the Prime Minister making speeches asking donors and "friends" for money. The pathetic state we're in, and the daily promises and "pledges" of money, surely doesn't warranty THIS kind of arrogance.

What have we to be proud of at this moment? Isn't this like, HIGH time we bowed down to Allah and prayed for ourselves with humiliation?

Talk about a bloated ego!


Sunday, April 19, 2009


Okay, I know this is a barrage of posts in one day. But they're all worth it.. at least to me.

This one I just saw, I remember making this reasoning sooo many times. It's rather become part of habit :D

But I'm glad to note that this is thought by other people too, and in a situation like this, there is only ONE way ..which is the RIGHT way..

However we, human weaklings, try to justify it :$

Enjoy the video..

Hijab :)

This is a really cool video I saw just right now (courtesy Ramblings :D). The point of this video is that when you talk about covering yourself, (hijab), and go about doing it, it becomes ironic, when all you end up doing is actually MAKING people look at you because you're dressed so attractively .. even with the hijab.

All the extra effort :P ... goes to serve the opposite of what, you intended (i hope). So all the ladies out there who observe hijab .. please don't spoil the purpose of it.

Enjoy the video :)

Yes... we have it!

A poem I found pretty inspiring by Allama Iqbal.

I am born in the world as a new sun,
I have not learned the ways and fashions of the sky:
Not yet have the stars fled before my splendor,
Not yet is my quicksilver astir;
Untouched is the sea, by my dancing rays,
Untouched are the mountains by my crimson hue.
The eye of existence is not familiar with me;
I rise trembling, afraid to show myself.

Secrets of the Self, 21-28, Translated by R.A.Nicholson

It's so beautiful, the verses tell exactly the story of every human's hesitation (I can SO SO SO relate to that!)... And even WITH that hesitation, every human being has enormous potential. I mean, comparing it to the sun (with its vast amount of energy...and the ability to light up everything its rays fall on...) is like... amazing. Every human being has the power to do something different with his/her different capabilities. What matters is how they recognize their abilities, and how exactly they put them to use. Inspiring beyond inspiring :)

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trying to learn: New Approach

In my last post, I mentioned wanting to learn Surah Maryam and made a noble decision to learn it etc. I realised today that my approach towards learning a chapter (any chapter – big or small, is not very correct). Let me explain.

When I intend to learn a chapter, the methodology I follow is not that which is taught in Hifz schools.. it seems too difficult. So what I do is that I read that Surah, every day. Once. After a looottttt of days pass by with me reciting that chapter once per day, suddenly I find myself reciting it, without looking at the text, and then I realise "Hey ! I've learned this!"

*sigh*.. the lengthiness of this approach can be gauged from the fact that when I started reciting Surah Kahf every Friday, it was 6 years ago. Now, six years later, I have learned it to the extent that I need to "look at the text" at only the last two rukuhs.

What an absolute idiot I am...

But I stuck to this methodology because it worked for me in smaller chapters, like Surah Rehman, Surah Waqia, Surah Tehreem, Qalam, Haa'aqah, Maa'rij etc etc .. so I was like, in a few days, able to read the text without looking.. but this Surah Maryam ... :'( This approach is so NOT working out.

Khair, so what I did today was that I used up my learning time.. (which is in the car when I'm coming to work.... how distracting is THAT..Allah maaf karay).. by focusing on the first six ayahs only. This method was simply not followed by me for anything (even studies -- hard to believe, I know), because of er, my extreme laziness. But it requires a will, a sense of purpose. Once you know the purpose, you can sit down and still do it. Unfortunately, during studies, I didn't see any purpose...

I'll stop rambling now. Just written this to inform anybody who is trying to learn a chapter (surah or studies) that its better to focus, rather than read the whole thing so many times it sticks to the brain.. If you're serious about learning, then it's always better to take portions and absorb, rather than gulp the whole thing down at once and get nothing done quickly.

So Alhamdulillah, first six ayahs are done. Maybe I can move this number up to ten tomorrow.. Insha Allah. Who knows.

I think posting my progress may serve as an inspiration for those who are serious about learning the Quran by heart (one of my cherished dreams). Also, it can serve as a constant reminder to myself that hey, Ive posted something for the world to see, now I HAVE to follow it up.

Lastly, one more tip. Take it from a person who has an EXTREMELY bad memory. It wasn't easy to learn the beginning Surahs of 30th chapter. I had aimed to complete the whole chapter in one Ramadan (I guess in my first year of university).. So I managed to do it all, except for 3 Surahs I think. BUT, a lil later when I didn't revise it, I could hardly remember some Surahs.. and this got me so afraid that I started reciting them all one by one in prayers. They're short and easy .. (again, take it from a forgetful brain..if I'm saying it's easy to learn, it HAS to be simple to remember). But constant practise is needed, and there is no better way than to recite them in namaz.

Hope Allah Guides us all Ameen!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Times change .....


Yeah. Not only is it now 2 am, instead of good old 1 am..(which seems so nice -- the night stretches out in front of you, and you feel you can stay awake forever.. But not with TWO pm. It seems like okay, you have to turn in soon now!)...

But it's also a change in my resolves!

I know this isn't a new year, nor a birthday, nor anything else. BUT.. it's a 'time change' and warrants some fresh resolutions!

1. I will learn Surah Maryam Insha Allah..bus kisi bhe tarhan (SOMEhow)... it's too bad that I don't recite it often enough to get it installed in my brain so that whenever I press that memory button, the surah would begin playing automatically and fill my mind instead of the usual stupidities that do. So I have decided to recite it as MUCH as possible. For those of you who haven't recited this particular Surah. It's wonderful. It's amazing. And it makes one believe with a lot of surity that no miracle is beyond God's Power.. and it's only got to be His Will, and things CAN happen..
It's incredible. Do read it'll see.

2. Every word spoken by me, very word written (or type written) by me, every thought ...thought by me... would be worthwhile. NOT fuzul (worthless). Not baymaiinay (meaningless). Not crap (idiotic). Er.. you get the picture. I'll only speak, when I have something good/meaningful to say. I'll only write when I have great worthy things to communicate. I know this is like aiming for the sky, but at least I'll get somewhere closer to the sky, as I start climbing this ladder ! I hate the thought of time ticking away.. and in that particular nanosecond, milisecond, ......okay minute...I've done nothing. Nil. If I'm accountable for each and every second of my life, there has to be some sort of regulation in my behaviour regarding time.

So from now on, no more wasting time. No more stupid blog entries either.

3. In my schedule change, I'll try sleeping early and getting up early. Now with the time change, this isn't possible TODAY, since my one precious night hour has been eaten up (sigh), but IA from tomorrow.. I will change this habit. Bohot hogya night-owl pan. Maybe this way the sleep would be easier on me, which reminds me, last night was nasty. So early to bed and early to rise.... from tomorrow :P

4. I will become a Plan Person IA. A plan person is the sort who keeps a plan for everything in life. I didn't really believe that it would actually change things, this planning business. But it does. Er, to a 45% extent, which is a start !.. So every minute of my life is on paper from now on. Uh. Okay every day of my life. Not minute..let's not be too harsh here.

5. I will somehow complete that Arabic course which I started a long time back and never got around to finishing it. ALL it asks for is 15 minutes everyday and it should be over in a month! But me!???!?!?! Ugh!
Anyhow..(no more negative thoughts either !), I will be doing this course. For those who are interested in learning Quranic Arabic .. here is the link:

It's an amazing thing for people who want to have khushu and khuzu in their prayers and want to feel even better about their prayers and recitation etc.

What else?
Can't think of any more resolutions. This is enough for now. Let's see how long I stick to it. IA I plan on sticking to it like a leech. Negative connotations :) yeah.. but best results :P

I'm about to step onto the first rung.. God Help me.