Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A horrific day ... :'( :'( :'(


It's been a horrific day. I used to have friendly spars with Punjab residents about "Khi vs Lhr" thingie. And it usually went like ...

"Humaray wan samander hay!" (me of course :S)
"So? We're greener and have more rainy season"
"Yeah so what! Ours is a financial hub!"
"Ho.. what's a hub if there are bombs and everybody stays at home?"

Me would usually shut up at that because it was true that Khi was almost always the target for terror activities... :(

And now?

It's a horror. Not only had we come across bomb blasts last year (like Model town etc) bulkeh the recent Sri Lankan team bus attack ... and now THIS.

What has the police done? Or rather, trainees. Some were even sleeping in their beds (one eye witness reported) while they were shot. And Rehman Malik??? The ... (I don't have words proper enough to describe HIM).... he says (brazenly as usual) how the training took place in South Waziristan, how the terrorists landed in Lahore 15 days ago (yepp, you heard me right. He watched the whole drama or something), how Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba are involved (yeah as if THEY have something against trainee policemen)... and now he comes up with "The attack was orchestrated by Baitullah Mehsud's groups...


Somebody should go pull all his standing-on-end hair out. One by one. Slowly!

I don't believe the gall of our leaders. And the lapses (we can't even begin to count them) of our security services. The only consolation is that at least the terrorists weren't roaming for three days !! .. They were overpowered and many many lives were saved. Allah ka ehsaan.

No surprise at all the suspect (being shown on TV) turns out to be an Afghan National, a/c to RM of course. It would have been a surprise had he not

1. Sported a beard
2. Looked Muslim-ish
3. Looked like a tribal
4. Had hair on the longer side.

We're so brainwashed by the media that the attacker had to look "the image." **fuming**..

Remember the 27th March bombing of a mosque in Peshawar? That killed 70 people? Well, one local reported today that the death toll is much much much higher (he said 170 people were killed) and the highest number of people killed per family is : 18 men -- of the same family ..

**wants to not think -- just stop feeling**

And .. one family was visiting and driving past the mosque when Jummah time came, and the men got out of the car, and went for prayers. Their women sat outside, waiting. All of those men never returned.

This local also reported that the media is keeping extremely quiet about this. But the double storey mosque was not capable of collapsing due to a mere suicide bomb. There has been speculation by the locals, that this was a drone attack by the Americans. But so far, the media hasn't followed this up.

This local said with great conviction that this was nothing but a drone attack. It was a missile which reduced this mosque to rubble in seconds, so that nobody has a chance to escape. ...

Now that the Obama policy has outlined greater target area within Pakistan, especially within Quetta (Quetta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)...

Look at Malik's I'd-do-anything-you-ask face

Richard Holbrooke the US Special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan went further and said that Pakistan’s city Quetta appears to be Taliban’s headquarter, and could be bombed. He said that “The number one problem in stabilizing Afghanistan was that of Taliban sanctuaries in Western Pakistan, including its tribal areas and border cities like Quetta. Quetta appears to be the headquarters of Taliban leaders, who are some of the worst people in the world."

Ha!.. and who gives YOU this right? Some divine power we're unaware of ??? And what about the system of courts and law ? Right of an individual to defend him/herself? How would you like it if somebody photographed you on a halloween party, concluded you're actually a blood-sucking vampire, and proceeded with bombing your entire neighbourhood?

Answer us!

You're all answerable... All of you. The great leaders of this great nation (the first "great" is sarcastic, the second one is genuine). And this trio: Zardari, Kayani and Malik.. this is the triangle cutting Pakistan into bloody pieces -- each piece a tribute and evidence to the countless struggles of already poverty-stricken people, and courage of brave young cadets and officers... in this war... which is ongoing.

Look at Kayani's I'd-do-anything-you-ask face

And now take a look at Zardari's I'd-do-anything-you-ask face

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Happening Again -- My City Under Fire


It's happening again
The bloodshed
It's starting again
Any help?

What crime did he commit
That poor boy, unaware
Got killed, tragically
By a stray bullet, out of nowhere

It's a warzone, slowly evolving
Nobody knows what to do
We can sit, and watch, yes
Fear lapping through

Two days ago, it was crazy
As we listened in the night
3 am, the clock ticked
I was paralysed with fright

The firing didn't stop
For a considerably long time
What could we do?
Except pray for it to subside

Yesterday again, was crazy
As a doctor's car was fired on
Not to mention a man was stabbed
70 stitches - his crime? Guess on

All this has followed
A hue and cry from the "Indestructibles"
That "Talibans" have come to this city
Ever heard anything more implausible?

We have lived peacefully with them
For a long long time
Nothing happened for 60 years
What now, is not fine?

Suddenly who protected us
Turned into our enemies?
You expect us to believe that
And still claim sanity?

You can't make us buy this
You can't make us divided
We are one - We are Pakistanis
No matter, how you may be deluded

We may be harmless citizens
But we're loving ones - too
We won't treat them unfairly
Just because they're labeled "the few"

We will not differentiate our brethren
We will not mistreat them ever
'Cuz unlike you, we're willing to do anything
To make this country survive...WHATEVER.

Copyright Uni Frightened-but-Determinoony


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Academic endings... Official

Warning: This is going to be a loooongggg one..


One of my earliest memories is:

In the Annual Prize Distribution of my first grade exams, I was to be awarded the third prize and a prize for Drawing (Drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!) .. So here I was, a proud 6 year old, standing in line, waiting to go on stage .. with a HUGE worry in the head. Now, what was that worry? Basically, the timings were such that the prize giving coincided with Asr prayers. Now, I knew that my Dad won't be in the audience, because he has gone for Asr (azaan was heard 15 or so mins back).. I was desperately hoping that he would come back, because this was the FIRST time he would see me go up on stage and receive a prize!! My six year old heart was quite heavy at that time (I remember this thing very clearly). A few minutes later, as our line snaked forward, I saw him!! He was running back from the entrance and going towards the audience section. Hurray! He was back! He passed our line and then stood and waved ! God. You can't imagine the jig my heart was performing at that time. My Dad had stood in front of everybody and waved to me!!


Back to the present..

Today, when we were standing in line, waiting to be called in front of the Vice Chancellor, to declare that we have graduated in our specific field, I couldn't help recalling that incident and wanting desperately to see my Dad out there in the gazillions of parents and guests that were seated to my left. I craned my neck, and stared around, wishing like hell that I would see him. It was not to be I thought, rather sadly.

But then!!!!!!!!!

I saw one hand raising among the crowd, as my Dad waved to me from over the rows above the heads of other onlookers... and I remember feeling the EXACT same excitement and gladness, that i had felt all those years back....! I waved back with a huge smile... and again, I was like...



Convocations are a totally different experience altogether. Although we were dying of sweltering heat (there were no pedestal fans) and we were ensconced inside a huge black tent (black -- absorbs more heat -- you get the picture :P).. there were smiles and excited faces all around.

The best moment was (after the Dad waving thingie).. the governor entering the area, and walking down the aisle (lol) towards the stage, and some people around us catcalling:

"Yo! Hey all, why are you clapping!! He stopped our GRANTS!" :D

"Bhai ka phone nahi aya hua kia!!!!!"


Next best moment was, when the Convocation prayer ended, and everybody yelled and screamed, and threw their caps (dunno why they call them hoods!) into the air :D.. That was a moment!


Yeah, the outbreak of yelling and screaming "yayyy hayyyyy" kind of stuff, was also punctuated by ..

"Pakistan ka matlab kiaa!!" ...:D Our qaum. You gotta love 'em.
"Dharna hoga warna hoga!!" (eh eh eh eh)
"Iftikhar Iftikhar!!"


And of course "Jiayyyy Mutahiddaaaaa" .... :S

There were many other moments.. :) Oh yeah, the one when we move down the line, stand in front of the VC and he says a few words. We nodd. And leave. And everybody claps :P

So in the rehersal to this particular drama I just described above, was hilarious, with a teacher guiding us in this way ...

"Aap logon ko sur neechay karna hay jub VC "the same" bolain... Yad rakhiya gaa.. Sur neechay karna hay after "the same".."

(You have to nodd your heads after the VC says "the same"..)
:D:D So in the rehersal, when our class went up towards the stage, stood in front of the VC, everybody was so intently concentrating on when the words "the same" would occur .. that they totally lost their heads and as a result, I was one of the few dimwits who nodded their heads, while the others stared on. **trying not to laugh**.. My, it was hilarious. The VC was like "Hardly any one of you looked down!!!" ... :D

Khair, today it went all fine :).. No hitches.

Alhamdulillah, this day marks an official end to my university life. This day was kind of looked forward to , by me , for most of these years. And now that it was here.. it was remarkable. Four years of my life, gone in acquiring something, the result of which was kinda visible today. No wonder, people had awed looks on their faces. And parents...:D You should have seen the pride of the parents. They looked overjoyed. Even though, most were fanning themselves throughout the ceremony.

I think of those, who entered university, and never got a chance to see this day. Today. I remember in our first year, another department's first year class had gone to a picnic. And there was a horrible incident, in which a guy had drowned. And I remember us being extremely shocked, and went for Quran Khwani and all. He never got to see this day.. And I have.. which means I have a duty that remains to be fulfiled. I do so hope I don't fail in this duty. The country has invested a LOT in me. Since I have studied in a government institute, the fee has been very very small, while the equipment and software has been top of the line (in most cases). This also points out that we have a VERY BIG responsibility to pay our dues to this country. I'll try my best to, Insha Allah.

I missed one of my best friends today. A lot. A lot a lot a lot. She is 8326 miles away from here. And obviously missed this moment. I guess it was meant to be. *sigh*.. It was sure sad...whenever I thought about her not being here. But in this day and age of technology, maybe she won't be missing much... :D

I think I should end now. Enough already yeah :)

I would love to look back at this date, one day, and hopefully have a few achievements in the bag (achievements for the country, the scientific community etc etc).. and then, feel that this day was truly truly worth it.

Insha Allah!

For now, I can just be happy at the fact that:


Monday, March 16, 2009

Intezaar (The Wait)

I now know how it feels to wait and wait and wait for something... I don't think I have ever waited for something MORE than I have today.

I have even endured the threats given by my folks keh "kal work pay janay nahi daingay if you don't sleep"


*sigh*.. But this is getting ridiculous. It's nearly 4 now. Hudd hogaii yaani keh.

I know what he is going to say, but hello! I want to be able to tell my grandkids one day that hey, midgets! Weenies.. I was there ...wide awake ..(lil lies are allowed), wide-eyed... when the CJ was restored... after a long struggle lasting two years of the people of Pakistan.

*hugeeeeeeeeeeeee yawn**

Life can't get any better. I wonder what's taking him so long. Aik ailaan main kitna waqt lagta hay :S:S:S

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy endings, anyone?

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Just feel like scribbling something. Have nothing in my head actually, but still feel like scribbling something.

Some things have been weighing quite heavily on my mind. Reason being: of course, blogging. I have ventured a little beyond the usual blog arena I am used to, unfortunately (or fortunately -- haven't decided yet). Thing is, that those certain blogs (which I certainly haven't added to my blogroll :D) have given me a whole new question on whether "Good marriages" really exist. By "good" I, obviously, mean "faithful." I mean, somehow (trying not to sound naive or something) I thought that it is rather possible to have a faithful marriage. Even inter-cultural ones. But now that I have looked around at others' lives (so brutally displayed on the blogosphere), I have started questioning myself. My views.

And by the way, this is not such a new phenomenon even in this country where I reside. Not a long time ago, there was a barrage of cases I heard in and around the circles we move in, about men leaving their wives of 8+ years and going abroad for employment.. not really coming back and one fine day, the wife and kids getting to know that their dear father and husband is merrily leading another life in the land of the "rozgaar" (employment). Other cases we heard revolved around people just "falling out of love" in around two years into the marriage (or maybe there was another 'falling out' which we never got to know) and then quitting their marriages.

Worst, it's not just men who are seen doing this. The frequency of women leaving their husbands is alarmingly on the rise. Now, if there was a question of abuse involved (which makes sense then) it would be understandable. But no. These families which we have known quite well and the guys also, there seems to be just another "falling out of marriage."

It's beyond me. I thought these things were "for life" .. for better or for worse, for ............. erm. You get what I mean. Well yeah you might quote a great number of examples of amazingly happy marriages, but sad to say, the number is on a decline. In our society too.

The engagament factor is worse. Somehow, people are increasingly thinking in terms of "What is reversible, and what isn't. And an enagagement is certainly reversible. Another recent case is of a dear friend. Very religious Masha Allah. Gets engaged to a cousin. Wedding in about a month. Finds out the cousin has actually gotten married in another country...even without telling his parents! Whoa there. At least, the parents were apologetic for their son's behaviour. Wish people had more guts. Can't they just admit that they can't go along with something, rather than ending things right upto a certain "point of no return"....

It just makes all these stupid movies and happy endings so..............................sad.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bhutto rises in Ayub's regime and eyes :P


I know this has been the most disproportionate and scattered series, but it is important to know our history..which makes me pick up this book again, and then of course, blog again :D

So what happened after the political drama that brought Ayub to the 'grand kursi' of the state? Bhutto started work as Minister of Commerce and Ayub loved to take advice from him, because he found that this man was not only clever, he was ambitious, and most importantly, due to prior political non-involvement, had not many enemies (besides what he inherited as a feudal :P). So he could be made much use of. Now, since the Mr self proclaimed president, Ayub had no time for performing his commander in chief duties, he had to appoint a General. Hence he promoted Lieutenant General Musa to the happy post. Unfortunately, this didn't make Ayub very happy.


Peace of mind != Equality of highest rank in the army among two people :P:P

So Bhutto smoothly stepped in. Gave some wise words of advice to Ayub Sahib.. and hey presto.. Ayub elevated his own rank from "General" to "Field Marshal" :D. What a "selfless" action! The day it happened, it was Ayub's "revolution's" first anniversary.

In 1959, Ayub Sahib launched his "Basic Democracies" scheme. This was an elaborately designed scheme which reduced the entire population of Pakistani voters to a mere 80,000. Quite ingenious to keep Ayub in power for as long as possible. Bhutto propagated this scheme (went to Larkana and what not -- explained his people what this strange scheme was).. BUT ... later he called this scheme "Basic Fascism" :P *chortle*. Wonder why.

Bhutto attended the fall session of the UN Assembly. He impressed all - as usual. One bold action of his was to talk to the Soviet Union's Prime Minister and convince him to invest in Balochistan for oil exploration. The move was called bold (and the Soviet's PM was quite baffled and intrigued) because Pakistan was a US ally. And here was Bhutto, eagerly putting his offer on the table with the enemy of the friend :)
So a delegation did come in 1960 and conducted research along the Makran Coast -- needless to say, we got a heeeefty loan from them (Dunno whether we've returned it or not - knowing our leaders, I doubt it) *cringes*.

Another move by Bhutto (not all of them were bad you know) was to speak out to the Political Committee of the UN in favour of the Algerian government, against French imperialism. He thus formed a pan Islamic bridge and even maintained it, during his own reign over the country. And by the way, his initiatives meant that Pakistan was one of the countries that recognised the Provisional Government of Algeria.

Now comes the Kashmir issue ... *anybody awake yet?*. Oh yea I am :P so I will go on.

Yeah, so Kashmir was (as we all know:P) under the rule of Maharaja Hari Singh at the time of independence; and this fair human being was kind enough to try his level best to join India despite the obvious Muslim majority in Kashmir. So in Aug, 1947, when the Indian forces had invaded Kashmir and Hari Singh had left in rather a hurry since our tribal Pathans has entered the valley ..... Quaid desperately ordered our army to help the pathans and retaliate against the Indian army...but since our dearest commander in chief absolutely refused to fight against Mountbatten's forces (since we were sadly still under Mountbatten's command), the army did nothing. Obviously our Afridis were less in number and weaponry than the Indian army. Pakistan was promised by Mr. honest Nehru and Mr. oh-so-sincere Mountbatten that a full plebiscite will be held in Kashmir, and the wishes of the Kashmiris will be respected.


Nothing even remotely close has happened. Nil. Our forces still remain at the border, the Indian forces still remain at the border and skirmishes are not uncommon. Defence spending is high in both countries and the recent protests in Kashmir, along with several killings of protesters show (at least) that if they don't want to opt for Pakistan (not proven yet)... they certainly don't want to opt for India (completely proven).

How I wish the army had done something in 1947. Such huge repercussions -- based on one teeny decision..

Pakistani History and politics. How I wish it were something to smile about.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

How I hate change..

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Before : Me trying to sleep -- Sis on computer

Me: Light band karoo neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (shut off the LIGHT!!)
Sis: Khuda ka khauf karlo aur RUK jaoo!! (For God's sake ...WAIT)

*30 seconds later*

Me: mujhay sonaa hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (I wanna sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep)
Sis: **gritted teeth*...Uni... I will shut it ...now YOU shut up!

Me: I'll go tell mum
Sis: *very smugly*....she'll take my side.

Me: *defeated*..

After: Me trying to sleep -- Sis on computer

Sis: Hey is the light disturbing you?
Me: No it isn't!

*30 seconds later*

Sis: Are you quite sure that the light isn't disturbing you
Me: Of course not.. keep it on as long as you want sis the priss :)

Sis: Cuz if it's disturbing you, I will get up no big deal.
Me: Aray! I told you it isn't disturbing me...at all! See how quickly I will fall asleep

Sis: Okay, but tell me if you can't ...
Me: No problemoz

*Me asleep in a few minutes*

How I hate change.

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