Friday, October 31, 2008

Yesterday Was My Eighth Exam


As if the exam was the highlight of the day! .. It was an okay exam. I had predicted a bitter outcome. So basically, the exam wasn't THAT bitter. I DID forget a few things (obviously, if you study something for the first time in your LIFE a few hours before an examination, HOW can you POSSIBLY hope that the finer details would stick to your head and stay stuck!).

*deep sigh*. I had never regretted wasting my time more. I had two days to prepare for this paper, and i completely messed up my time. Not only that, I wasted my time being a super duper jerk.!

I really should not have done that.

Anyway, after the exam as we were leaving the university, we saw my group of friends waving to us frantically. Their car had its clutch wire cut.. And it was stranded. We hurried over to help and our driver offered to tow their car over to a mechanic he knew would solve the problem in "10 minutes" ..

Now came the fun part. We needed a rope to tie both cars. S ( my friend) had a rope holding her car seat together (LOL - there should be a book written about that car).. and she took it out deftly..

That nylon rope was used to tie the cars.. and away we went, our driver driving our car, and S looking stricken, holding on to the steering wheel, in her car.. And me, looking at that fragile rope as if it would break if I looked away (what a sight!)

So this uncle in his car, began to cut across our car and S's car.. man ... we were YELLING at him..he took no notice. Cut cleanly through the rope, and zoomed away... I wanted to shake my fists at him, but of course I didn't. S was now in the middle of the road, stopped ...with a huge rush behind her. We hurriedly got out and rushed to her.. pushed the car to the side, and again, my driver tied the rope...

Phew.. this went on till we reached the darn mechanic. Who wasn't even a mechanic. He was a "fruit wala" .. he came over eagerly with a bag of tools in his hand.. *shakes her head with amusement*.. Our driver (let's call him A Khan shall we)..

So A Khan is really one of a kind. I have never seen a man so into current affairs, politics, obtaining an American visa and driving a cab in New York.. :D. And you know what.. he had bought his kid with him who was sitting on the front seat. Man I tell you...pathan kids ... man.. Pink cheeks, coloured eyes.. you don't get to see much of that in Karachi. We could just stare at this adorable miniature version of our driver. He had the most INNOCENT way of looking at you.. and he was "sharmeela bacha" .. 5 years old and not able to look at you properly in the eye... Have you even imagined anything more ...... CUTE???

Yes you probably have .. *grimly*. As soon as A Khan got out of the car to go talk to the fruit wala cum mechanic... this lil green eyed angel opened his mouth, and burst into crying.. We sat there, flabbergasted. As my friend Andy tried to comfort him by saying "tofee khani hay? Uni jaldi say toffee nikaalo!!" And I was hurriedly going through my bag, in search for a much needed candy.. The crying got louder..and louder.

We tried ALL tactics with him. We even tried to ask him whether he speaks urdu, cuz his dad was only communicating with him in pushto. But the little misery NODDED .. actually nodded when we asked him "Urdu samajh ati hay tumhe?" :D... Khudaya..Now he started opening the lock to get out of the car. I held the lock down. He screamed in protest. I could only stare hopelessly at this green eyed monster. A very clever monster. He lunged across the car and tried to open the driver's side lock. Thank God Andy had quick reflexes and held THAT lock down too...He went mad with fury.. I have never seen such... ZIDD !! Toobah! Don't five year olds have even a 5 cm brain!!!??? Shukkar A Khan arrived soon and took him out. At once his tears were dashed away..

All my friends when they saw him, oohed and aaahed over the beautiful child with the colored eyes and red and white cheeks! Hah!

Andy later said very stonily "Listen, he doesn't appear so cute to me anymore" ...


It was a memorable day..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yesterday was my Seventh Exam


And I have never enjoyed a paper more :D *wiiideee grin* ..

It was Communications Management. One of the most boring subjects we have ever had. It even topped BCE (Business Communications and Ethics). I nearly bunked all classes. Only stopped for the attendence thing. Something I almost NEVER do !!

So why did I enjoy it? *thinking* .. why, when I wasn't even sure of the answer of the last 16 mark question... did I enjoy it? :) I guess it must have been the fact that it was such a generalized question that I could not believe we are allowed to write our own opinions (this kind of thing is rare in our university -- more so, in my field).. and hence I wrote away merrily!

Er, I didn't bother making it very neat though. I could see a lot of markers and colored pens around. A fiesty group of students in our class had declared right before the paper that

"Sir parhaingay thori -- sirf headings daikhaingay!" (Sir won't READ the paper, he would just check the headings)... All this was said very happily.

*scowl* .. He'd better read the paper. Itni mehnay say likha hay :(

Khair.. I don't care for the marks anyway (as long as my % is okay)....

It's kind of funny that out of all engineering subjects I would enjoy the exam of this particular one the most. It reminds me of the day when one of the teachers in my A Level school was trying her hardest to convince me to go to LUMS for my undergrad.

I tried to dissuade her, saying the most honest explanation ever ...that I won't be allowed to go to LUMS...

She said to me "But you're LUMS MATERIAL" ... Er.. material...? I REALLY don't think so.. :S ... But then she asked me what exactly did I plan to do in the future.. At that point I was still hooked on aeronautical engineering, and thats what I said. She looked thunderstruck. I still remember her expression.. Then she said "But you should do LAW.. or social sciences. You're that TYPE"

I was highly insulted.

Next, another teacher of mine asked me "Why in the world do you want to do engineering?" I was like " Er, I'm really interested in the Sciences, and don't feel like letting it go ever" .. And she said "Honestly speaking, I think you should do something in Literature"

:( .. That sucked. Social Sciences.. Law.. Literature ? .. Not that I don't like 'em.. but I can never imagine a career in these.. they need people who are bold, confident.. (Have you ever seen a sissy, shy, under confident lawyer? Bet not)

SO.. Coming back to the present, it just seems weird that I should be enjoying this subject a lot.. *sigh* .. It's all so conflicting.. Did I really make the right choice..

[Although Im convinced I wouldn't have made a good lawyer, social worker, or a literary author -- I'd be too bored]

The picture seems fitting :D [Source]

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yesterday was my Sixth Exam

I feel like I'm in this tunnel.... silly papers all around me... no END to it...............*totally frustrated with it all*

Man... when WILL this end ! This paper of mine was pointless ! It was hopeless because the teacher had beforehand said that he will be giving questions that are there on the back of the whoever manages to do those 250 questions, has already done the paper.. those were his words!

Well, it wasn't QUITE like that.. but he had apparently forgotten that there were some things in those "crucial 250 questions" that were NOT covered in class! And that meant, that people..without knowing what was the logic, without knowing any reason, any sense...just LEARNT up the solutions..


Khair.. I just left those questions.. if I can't make head or tail out of it, and not even make an intelligent guess (cuz I have no idea what IS IT)... so I leave it !

*stares hopelessly around*

Life truly sucks. Acha han, during the paper, I was restlessly looking around trying not to yawn, when I caught sight of a stealthy movement... I looked closer at the person sitting in front of me. He had very very casually, moved his calculator from his chair to his desk. Weird.. why would anybody pick up a calculator as if it is made of glass...!

I stared hard..The calculator was open and inserted in its lid. Faced up. He slid the calculator an inch upward, very gently. My eyes widened...

Inside, a little page, scribbled with notes peeked out. He carefully looked at that page, then moved the calculator back. And started scribbling in his paper. I couldn't BELIEVE it....

(Yeah call me naive!)

Couldn't believe also because that guy's family I happen to know, and it's one of the most religious families around ... *deep sigh*

Khair.. once when the teacher strolled out... almost the entire class started urgently asking around.. HELLO .. how could the teacher just walk out..did he WANT us to cheat ??????

Its terrible to see cheating going on at this level too.. basically because we are the big complainers around, "Pakistan main yeh ho raha hay woh ho raha hay etc" .. they don't understand that until they amend THEMSELVES, the country is NOT going to change. Some would say "Oh this is our final year.. our future depends on this result!"

Ho... and what about the Hereafter? Isn't that a future? And a totally 100% reliable one..? We have no idea where all of us engineers are going to be 10 years hence, 5 years , or even a year hence. We have no clue about our immediate/temporary futures. But we all agree and believe in the ultimate reality of the Hereafter don't we !

I glared at them all and was spectacularly ignored.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yesterday was my fifth exam

And now :) There are four more to go !Yippeeeeeeeee !

In case somebody is wondering about my fourth exam, it's really not worth mentioning.. :( Horrible! Completely and totally horrible..!

I have a really bad feeling about this year's result.. *sigh*.. And you know what the ACTUAL problem is? I don't MUCH care... I care about learning and exams provide me no real learning.

Learning is when you sit down with a text book with terms that excite you, having no ghari (watch) on you, and being oblivious of the time. Sitting and reading with pleasure, no deadlines. Each concept thoroughly understood since you stare at it for so long..


I think so ! *defensively*

Khair, these exams are the worst times to suffer. I just can't get over the wastage of it all. Imagine... so many rupees spent on frantically photocopying last minute notes and handouts, only to decide at the veryyy last moment

"We'll leave that in choice" ! *deep scowl*

This paper of mine was a nice one. I really liked the subject, the teacher and only cursed myself for my OWN stupidity... which lay in nothing but being unable to remember the teensy weensy details teachers so LOVE questioning you about..

Sucks :(

Heard something bizarre yesterday... Athar Shahzad (erm, don't really know who he is).. charges 300,000 Rupees for bridal makeup.. !!!

300,000 Rupees !!! *lost in thought*... Did you know? A one month ration which contains basic stuff like ghee, rice, daals, flour etc costs around 700 Rupees... Would you please make some calculations...

Around 428 ration bags.......... 428 poor families....not having to worry about food for thirty days !!!!!!!

Or ONE family not having to worry about food for... 428 months ......... One year has 12 months... How many years IS that?

*lost completely in thought*

That's 35 years.................................................................300,000 rupees spent on ONE night..... ONE function.........ONE event................ and 35 years ....

35 ....!!!

"FOOD" for thought ??????

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yesterday was my third exam

And it went as well as it should have been :D I was NM (Numerical Methods) and the only thing you can do to survive the paper is to practise some questions MADLY so that your HAND rememberd the formulae it scribbled again and again ... (*wince*) ..

There is no formula sheet. And I suffered for it. In the last ten minutes of the paper, when the mind is so saturated that I cannot even BEAR to LOOK at the paper, the formula of Euler Uncle which has been modified too by the way, just didn't LOOK right..

I peered at it, and tried to make sense of it... It appeared that I had made a sign mistake in the formula. Now...

This was the MAIN formula.. you have to make a table using this formula..and each value of the table is dependent on the previous value..

So if ONE value of the table is wrong, the whole table is gone..

And only ten minutes were left..After staring blindly at the paper for a second, I set to FURIOUS work...

Hastily, with a black pen, I corrected the formula..and then ...*another wince* ..over wrote on the table.. EVERY value was carefully blackened out, and the new value written on the top...

Yuck... And this one teacher .. (who usually stresses on the importance of UNDERLINES and BOLD Math yeah..) ... is certain to look at this messy table and take away half the marks for cleanliness...

Or its lack rather :D


Just received a very interesting phone call from Islamabad....:)

Life is full of unexpected surprises.. :S... Here I was getting depressed about a certain decision of mine which required a LOT of faith, but I DID it anyway... (in the sheer hope that it might bring me eternal happiness in the Hereafter) .............and now this ......

*lost in thought*

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday was my second exam

My second exam was pretty much okay :D... And the nice part is, that everybody was all smiles after the paper. The position holders were beaming from ear to ear ...

And one of them was holding a bundle in her hands. I went to investigate. Found out she was holding an assortment of coloured pens, color pencils and all color pointers. I gave her a laughingly questioning look... She explained how colorful she had made her exam... with amazing looking headings etc.

*grin*.. No doubt her content would be excellent too... But this color thingie does give people an edge.. at least with our teachers ...

*sigh*.... I can't even THINK of colors as I'm figuring out my next move in an exam. All my energies and brain power is utilized in using my english skills to make the examiner think that I know the answer.... in a tough question of course.. :D

Khair... life isn't going so smooth. Non academically speaking of course. The country's economy depresses me more than anything ... as the Wall Street mayhem unfolds, I kinda wonder if what my dad says will come true ...

"We'll be soon like what Argentina was -- we won't have money for food... and all of us will have cell phones" ...


I sure HOPE that doesn't happen.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yesterday was my first exam...

And it was BEYOND horrible

I wouldn't say that I had prepared well for it. I mean, I was busy throughout Ramadan, and throughout Eid, so the only time I had for studying was between 12 to 4 am in the morning. But I had been INTERESTED in studying, because this one subject I really liked.. and I had really wanted to do well.


This didn't happen. A point came in those torturous three hours when I thought "I dont CARE anymore -- just let this paper END... just let me complete (attempt rather) five questions out of these moronic 8!"

And you know what the worst part is? *furiously*... Me saying that my paper didn't go well at all, and people all around me ranging from my friends to family exceptions.. saying..

"Haan yeh to hur exam kay baad yehee kehti hay -- phir daikhna iski percentage%" (Oh yeah she says the same thing after every exam - just see what % she gets). They so easily forget that %s are based on ALL exams!

*scowls and turns away*