Monday, August 25, 2008

A really really bad day


My day was horrendous.. extremely stupid, not to mention, I was a complete moron THROUGHOUT the day..

*glares at the screen angrily for a while*

I had to get up at 8.30 am today, to work on my report (on which I am SO behind, that my insides clench now when I think about it). I had come home from that damned wedding late...and had refrained from sitting on PC with very noble intentions of getting up early the next day. Hence, 8.30's alarm was set carefully and I tried to sleep... (woh alag bat hay keh I didn't get to sleep till 3.00 am)..

*deeeeep scowl*..

So I got up when Chotpo shook me wildly. When she informed me that it was 10.30 am (!!!) I couldn't believe her...I actually looked at the clock to see whether this was just another tactic to wake me up, but it wasn't !

Darnn! Now my precious two hours wasted, I had no choice but to get up, and do some work, THEN start my report late. Just managed to get in a few lines, before the preparations had to be made for the dawat (lunch) today..

*Another deeeeeeeeep scowl*

I don't mind dawats, seriously I don't. And I love nani maa. It was simply that one can't refuse SOME things, HOWEVER important tests, exams, assignments etc are coming up. And this was one of them.

Khair. I was to drive the entire family over to Nani Ma's place. We were late.. And when we are late, we panic.. and if a Dad is already panicky about a daughter who DRIVES (and it doesn't matter a snit that she has been doing so for the last 8 years)......things tend to get a bit... PRICKLY

*glaring at the screen now*

So there I was, gritting my teeth, mum by my side, dad breathing down my neck from behind, and Chotpo trying not to yell at Dad..

What a merry party!

Look. I seriously TRY to control my anger.. It's just that sometimes, when people you love and trust, don't trust you back, anger can get the best of you..! And that's exactly what happened..

Being yelled at whenever the speedometer raised above 60 km/h, shrieks of "daikh kay....diakh kay!!!" and "Bachana...bachana...samnay say gari arahi hay" ...etc.. I mean, HELLO..I know where the brakes are.. I HAVE two eyes..I SEE the cars that have the potential of hitting me ....


Finally, we reached our destination... I was predictably in a foul mood. And even the sight of sis the priss didn't cheer me up THAT much, since we really can't talk and stuff in public. We have to be nice, all smiley..all the time.

And ...*tries to smile*, there is this other factor of not spoiling somebody else's mood... so basically, since she is looking so happy all the time, I paste a jolly smile on my face too..and pretend to be oh so happy...! [i hope she doesn't have time to read this -- but I shouldn't worry, she never does... only when I beg her to ..*grim smile*]

All too soon, it was time to go. My behnoi the great (scowl) is always in such a hurry to LEAVE.. I don't GET why.. So they left. We left a while later, and wapsi pay, had to make a detour and go somewhere else for some work..

That's not the point. The point is the route I took while coming back. Now, I admit, I AM directionally challenged. Laikin THIS one route I KNEW....

But they didn't.. My folks I mean.. so ALL the way, I got a good talking to ...things like

"Do you know where you're going?"

"We have never been on this road before.."

"Uni, where are you GOING"

All went well.. till I took a wrong turn.. (No strength left to scowl)... And when I missed a turn, I knew what I had done, and how to rectify it.. but the resulting storm of scolding and instructions which I got was too much for me..

I gave a few solid yells-back.. and received a louder storm of daantain... I decided to let THEM guide me and just shutted up about what I knew.. It was better that way...

This continued for around 30 minutes.. Imagine.. It was the worst time of my life... I had never been SO furious and so upset with them ever before...

Finally, we reached home.. My head was pounding.. Not just from a headache, but also from the following comments

"Ainda say tum iss road say nahin aogi"

"Tumhe kuch nahin pata kahan jaarahi ho"

"Gari tumharay bilkul control main nahin -- sirf speeding ati hay"


My life... is one BIG mess..

In the evening, Chotpo took pity on my face and offered to go with me to shop for a coat for the Annual Dinner coming up.. It's our last y'know...

So we went..

The malls were open.. but all of them said that this type of cloth is only available in the market, not malls and hence you won't find it anywhere today ...:(

I felt like crying.. bawling.. right in the open.. So stupid was my emotional state, that when we had stopped somewhere for something and Chotpo had gotten out, I was actually thankful for the loadshedding : It was pitch black everywhere and hence, nobody could see my wet face. Except God.

At that point, I was wondering "Can NOTHING be ...right for me ? What's a depressed soul to do !! What am I to do?"

As I stared out at the night sky, I saw a little boy coming up to the car window. I hurriedly wiped my face and stared at the thing he was holding out in his hand ..."Baaji, 20 rupay main lay lain... sawab milay ga .."

It was a little booklet of Surah Yaseen....

And this was my answer... *reluctant smile* Recitation of the Holy Quran... and especially this Surah, which is said to relieve hardships and ease pain. If it is said to ease a dying person..... for a living one, it is surely a comfort.

It also made me recall one Ayah from the Holy Quran..:

Surely in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest. ( 13:28)

[Sources : and]

So I'm going to leave now.. and do JUST that .. :):):)

Allah Hafiz..

Er, it was a pretty whiny post, I admit. But it made me feel a wee bit better already... *hesitant smile*

Monday, August 18, 2008


Today *solemnly* a historical day. History textbooks will record this day, 18th August, 2008. This is the day when President Pervez Musharraf resigned. Went away. Willingly (who knows though). Gone. Poof

And good riddance.

It was just another day :) Started late of course (11.00 am) .. Man, I really need to improve these habits. Anyway, I was at 11.00 am. Had a whole lot of housework to do. Predictably, I was slow in doing them, and thus got farigh at 2.00 pm to work on my project report.

As I checked my mail, etc, light chali gai.. Frowning in disappointment, I picked up my John Grisham, and sat down to read a bit. Suddenly, my cell phone gave a impercebtible beeb, and lit up (I'm savoring the moment -- lemme describe it fulllllyyyy) *wide grin*

So my cell phone lit up. It was Mani.. and the message was "Musharraf resigned!!"

I stared at the message in shock... wrote a yellish reply like "HOW and WHEN and tell me the details...i dont have electricity (funny I didn't think of the radio)."

So here i was, anxiously waiting for a reply, biting my lips, when suddenly, electricity came back on...

I jumped up like a jill-in-the-box and ran straight towards the television...and switched it on. Four scenes hit me at once. Musharraf, speaking, with a morose look on his face.. Multan, where people were dancing bhangra on the streets, Zardari House, outside which there was a gaggle of people as well as media personnel, and Peshawar, where a julus was out and again, people seemed to be celebrating..:)

So it was a pretty jolly affair huh... I mean.. the President leaves.. we dance and shout with joy.

The bits I heard from our dearly departed President was as he was thanking every last person on earth for having supported him in his tenure. I patiently waited for the biggest thank you he should have uttered to the American leadership, for supporting him and keeping him in power for so long, cherishing his every decision (because obviously it was in conformity with their wishes)... etc

Ho.. ! But no thanks wanks to them...

I wish I could have heard all of what he said.. He looked like a defeated man.. his face reflected his extreme ghum at leaving his kursi.. Oh Well, that is pretty understandable isn't it. I mean, imagine, if I were the leader of this nation, and I was announcing my departure, and hearing that people are dancing on the streets!! I would be suicidal.. But i guess these guys are pretty used to it :)

Khair khair.. so I stuck like a UHU to the television for the next two hours..Of course I had to cook rice and wash dishes too.. but I put the TV on loud enough tones to reach my glad ears in the kitchen too ..:D

Now its been three hours since he dropped the pleasant bomb.. I am writing a historical blog here man !! I mean, only yesterday mum and chotpo were tellin me what they felt like when Zia's plane crashed and what were they doing AT THAT time..

So this blog is a reminder for generations to come.. what I had been doing.. at the time President (oops) Pervez Musharraf resigned from his position! ......

For those who say "he was the best among the worst" and how sad they are that this man really did something for the country...let me remind you... This is the man who chose to save his own hide, rather than retain his integrity and his nation's integrity .. on the issue of War on Terror.. (by the way, his speech also contained empty phrases like "Pakistan kay liay meri jaan bhe hazir hay" -- someone ask him, oh really? You chose to give up your own people for the sake of military aid in terms of dollars... where was your life then???????)

This was the man who didn't hesitate giving up a WOMAN .. (whatever she had done)...without a trial, without any concrere proof against her, to the US military..

He was the one, who chose to dismiss the Chief Justice of Pakistan , and didn't think twice about dismissing judges, threatening them, and bribing them for his own cause too.

He was the one who could have saved us from these days when we are not even able to meet our Muslim brethern's eyes, so much have we been shamed by this very man... and his choices.. in the name of......

Enlightened Moderation.....and..

Sub sey pehlay Pakistan..........

I'm glad he left.