Saturday, June 28, 2008

Salaam! (look at my hocus pocus work of the day:))

Today was one other day when the muscles ache and bones scream for mercy. Sigh. Today we had to put up curtains in the drawing room for the First Taqreeb tomorrow.

Basically, putting up curtains is not easy. No possible way. First, you got to climb up chairs, sofa handles, or window sills like a monkey. Then you have to reach high up, grab hold of the old curtain, and take down pin after pin after pin. The curtain is never ending I tell you! The weight of the "taken down" curtain grows heavier pin after pin after pin.

Then once you have the whole curtain in your hand, you climb down with it, looking forward to detach the pins from the curtain you have. That's another tedious task. You have to skilfully move your fingers, to get each out, and stack them up in neat piles.

The cycle is repeated for each curtain taken out. Now comes the part, where you have to put up the new curtains. The new curtains have no holes. If you're thinking "Huh? Holes?" So let me remind you that the "pins" have to be inserted in the new curtain via "holes."

So the silly task begins, of making holes and that takes good hard handwork. After each pin has been painstakingly inserted in the new curtain, the monkey business is carried out again, and the pins have to be inserted in the er, pegs which are dangling from the curtain line (er, whats that rod thing called? On which the curtain is hanged!)

Khair.. this goes on for each new curtain. Finally, with your entire hand shaking and aching, the work is done. Are you satisfied? I guess. Is everybody else satisfied with your beautiful work? I guess NOT.

Mum comes in the room, and at once says "The look of this curtain tells me that it hasn't been hung in the right way."

Now what ? I spit and hiss, but it is of no use. I have to take them down and put them again, in the "right" way!


Not to mention, there is no maasi... and I am the Main Maasi of the House. :( That should be my new nickname now. Sigh again.

Sweeping, Scrubbing (Pocha), washing dishes and running around with a duster (jhatki).. seem to be my main activities these days.

Gone are the scribbles and the lectures, gone is the project concentration... gone is the report writing tension... All gone.

What am I to do !! This shaadi business is extremely tiring. A BIG lafra! .. And it has taught me quite a few lessons too ! The simplest .. is the bestest ! I mean, Im so so so glad that we are not having elaborate functions like mehendi, maayun, first dholki, second dholki, and so on. We're just having a girls get together tomorrow Insha Allah. And a small mehendi application thingie on friday Insha Allah.

Hope everything goes well. And I pray that Allah Taa'ala Accepts this humble attempt from our part to keep things as simple and as low-key as possible. This has been done solely for the Pleasure of Allah Taa'ala and following the Hadith of the Holy Prophet which says that the best and most barkat wali wedding is one in which least is spent :) So I'm hoping this wedding turns out to be real Barkah filled and May Allah Shower His Blessings upon them and all of us Ameen!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The day was soooo hectic. I mean, not academically of course. But now that the Day of Tearful Departure is looming even more close, we have to get sooo many things done. Hello! We've been preparing for like, ages. But still, in these last days, we keep discovering new chores that have to be completed.

Now, the coming weekend is important. We have arranged a program for all the girls we have ever met in our lives *broad grin*.... it's lunch and a talk.. we've called a speaker and everything. It's going to be great Insha Allah :):)

So how tough was my day ? It started LATE! I have become very slack in sleeping. But hello! I slept early last night. Got into bed at 2.00 am. But :(:( couldn't sleep till 3.30 am!

(So I could very well have sat online, blogged or something *in a small voice*)

At 3.00 am ..imagine what happened! There was a phone call. Me and my sister jumped up in fright (the phone in the bedroom has a really shrill tone). She whispered "Allah Khair karay, iss waqt kaun phone kar raha hay!" We both are of the firm view, that late night phone calls can only mean bad news. Nothing else.

Little did I know, my views are going to be changed.

I crept to the phone, and picked it up:

"Hello" I whispered.

"Hello" Someone whispered back.

"Kaun ?" I asked in a trembly voice (images of hospitals and funerals running through my brain)

"Main Rashid!!!" The urgent voice replied.

Now obviously, the urgency of the tone conveyed that some important news needed to be given! So I equally urgently said

"Jee?" (as in, jee BOLAIN)

The reply came (all leery and silly) "Aaap kauuunnn?"

I gritted my teeth. It was a prank call. At 3.00 am !

Damn !

Anyway, the day started late then :( Had a halfhearted breakfast and then realized that Mum had asked her whole room to be cleaned. So there i was, a huge jhaaroo (broom) in my hand, desperately trying to reach the ceiling kay konay (corners of ceiling), aiming to wipe out the "makri kay jaalay" (cobwebs) that had been so lovingly built by the poor spiders. Sigh!

As I continued destroying their dwellings, I saw many of them running for shelter. I felt like an Israeli bulldozer!

Later, I made ladyfinger with tomatoes :D And I must say, that despite the salt being a little less, and the lady fingers being a little hard, it was otherwise passable.

A starving person could easily eat it ! *grin*

Later !

Saturday, June 21, 2008


The day started with Fajr, and again, my failed resolution of reading the Quran after Fajr [although today was Jummah :( ...]. I ALWAYS make this one resolution, and especially for Friday, but no...:(

By the way, me blogging at 2.04 am in the morning isn't going to help matters either, er, tomorrow at Fajr... or today at Fajr :S *confused look*

Had to go to university today. It was sooo empty! Aik to it was Friday (a short day). So not many employees were there. Very few students came. The teachers who did turn up, were giving us surprised looks. Keh yeh kaun mahaan log hain jo chuttion main bhee itni diligently arahay hain!

We started our work. And it went lousy. I'm not explaining what our problem is. It was bad enough explaining to our poor teacher in New Zealand. He must be thinking what a bunch of tottering idiots we are. But the sad part is, even he couldn't figure out why c++ was giving us such an error, when he had run the very same program and never faced one.

Programming. What can you say :(

The drive back home was eventful. I went to pick up Chotpo. And outside her institute, there was a whirring sound as I reversed the car. Thinking that my front tyre has gotten stuck in the soft sand, I accelerated harder, only to receive a greater whirring noise.

A passerby exclaimed "Baaji aap ka tyre nikal gaya hay"

I didn't register it immediately .. but when i came out of the car and saw the tyre, it had come clean out..!!! Out of the darn place it is supposed to be in! My car gives me troubles like a newborn. Every day I am discovering something new. And paying heftily for it too.

Obviously, called up dad and obviously received a daant! Then the driver was sent for, we came back home in chotpo's van ..! (The driver of which said "agar yeh chalti gari main hua hota nah baji to ap ki gaari ulat jaati!"

*subdued* So like, today we were spared "going UP"...

Anyway, the evening was even more interesting. But will talk about that sometime later. My eyes are having trouble focusing, and keeping themselves UP.

Have a good day all !! Don't forget your namazes and the rest will be fine IA :D

Allah Hafiz