Monday, May 26, 2008

There once was a lady from Japan
She saw a mouse, at once she ran
Away she fled
Screaming with dread
The mouse said, "Man!!"

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Product of a brain, which hasn't stopped thinking since last night -- so forgive me...!

I look forward to a tomorrow
A tomorrow with no regrets
A day -- easy to forget
With no unhappiness or sorrow

A day when I feel
No burden on my heart
And from the very start
Nothing is a big deal

Simple joys found
In little things done
Everyting is fun
Mercy abounds

When faith is the prime motivation
Of all acts -- all work
No duties shirked
Complete, unconditional satisfaction

I long for those
Whose company is free
Where, I respect ME
Not guilty, not morose

My prayers are tearful
My hopes watery
The world glittery
My faith fearful...

The day was exhausting. Emotionally speaking of course.

There are days when I just want time to pass....for days to come to an end. Quickly. As quickly as possible. So that a new day might begin and the amazing human capability to cope/adapt with emotional turmoils may kick off to a start.

I wish tomorrow would come quickly. Or rather, day after tomorrow.

Therein lies the dilemma. I don't want july to come quickly.... for obvious reasons.

Khair, I hope I read this back one day and laugh out loud. That yes, this kind of day came once in my lifetime. I really really hope so.

Just wanted to get out of the house.. so went with parents to check out the Hall... :) It's a nice place Alhamdulillah. Just big enough for the guests and just simple enough for

The Hall Manager (or whatever he is called -- the guy who sits in the office) looks as if he hasn't seen such weddings in his lifetime *smilezz*. They used to happen in our parent's days. When shadis meant, you came back home at maghrib time after eating a kulfi.

And I'm glad the very same is happening in our family today too. At least then there is no worry of food wastage, no ''israaf'' (being a spendthrift) , and there is no concept of coming back home at 2.00 am since the Baraat (groom's family) has come to the Hall by 12.00 midnight.

Kind of weird no? You've said the wedding is going to happen today, while it is actually happening tomorrow ..*another smile*...

Khair.. I wish we could be as lucky as Punjab and have rains here too. I'm boiling in here.

And it doesn't help that I have a HUGE test on wednesday and I am sitting here blogging. And it will also not help abhee when I will go and bury myself in Sudoku....

Anything to take my mind off things...Studies do not count...

Allah Hafiz

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Long time no post!


The day was kind of hectic, but had a nice ending...which is still going!! I have a Laptop now !! :D:D

It isn't mine (I need a job, seriously). But the one to whom this laptop belongs to...listened to the following plea of mine with great amusement :

I said: Listen....look here, a laptop isn't that great to put on a lap anyway. The eyes get tired after a while...not to mention the finger pointer can get quite annoying.. so why don't you .....

My blatant speech was cut off and she replied "It's yours. Don't worry! But I need it for presentations!"

Good old Chotpo ! Love you

Khair.. we had our final year project presentation today :) I have to admit, ours was a little technical for the audience. But we did try our best and HT did a fine job!

We missed employees canteen käy "daal chawal" though :D

Hmm what else has been going on ..

Oh yeah... I received the shocking news of the sudden death of one of my class fellows in A'Level "Áhmed Mahrooz" :(:( He didn't wake up in the afternoon day before yesterday.

We see death around us all the time. We read about it in the papers. We KNOW it's going to happen to us...and our near and dear ones.

Yet we are so unprepared for it. Not only for ourselves (we'll come to that later)...but also for our collegues/friends/family members. My shock was mainly due to these numb thoughts

1. He was MY AGE
2. He had just graduated..
3. He was soo young
4. He had his whole life ahead of him

What reasons....! :(

We tried to go to his place as well. Tried our best. But got so lost in the Khayabaans that after six hours behind the wheels, I was ready to drop dead...*wince*. Bad pun!

Khair. Coming to ourselves.. have we imagined ourselves dead..ever?

Can I even come to terms with the fact that I might take my last breath before this blog entry is published?

And what does coming to terms with our death mean anyway? In my opinion, it simply means that you are aware...every single second of your life...that your life can end ANYTIME.

Now this doesn't at all mean that you sit with a gloomy face throughout your life.. no way. It simply means that all the things we indulge in (wrong things) .. thinking : dil chah raha hay...bus thori dair kay liay.....bus aik din kee baat hay (just for a few minutes....just for a few days), can be our LAST ACTS.

This made me so scared yesterday...I kept thinking of all the wrong I have done in my 22 years.. all the hurt I have caused people, all the times I have been most irritating and annoying....all the times I have listened to music and enjoyed myself thoroughly...all the times I have sat and watched the most frivolous of all movies ...(Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen!!!)....and all the times I have been rude to my parents..

And felt desperately sorry!

So I'm taking this opportunity to offer my apologies to everybody associated with me in any way (academically, personally).. um, for every idiotic thing I have done to you.

And my apologies to God...with the sincere hope that He will Forgive me and give me a nice palace in Jannah... (which has its own personal roller coaster and jet) Ameen

Allah Hafiz