Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I cannot believe this !

I refuse to BELIEVE what's happening in my country right now.

An old man (yes, he may SOUND booming, but he is STILL aged)....is being beaten up by the so called LAWYERS of my country.

Why? Because he sided (and still does, last I checked) with the mighty President of this mighty nation and those views were totally contradictory to the lawyer's movement.

Yes, they are justified in opposing him, protesting against him, protesting IN FRONT OF him....but NO, they are not justified in throwing tomatoes/eggs at his face, smashing up the window glass of the ambulance he was being taken in, and manhandle him as he tried to defend himself.

I can't believe this!! I still can't. I am deeply embarrassed to call myself a Pakistani at this particular moment.

But...something doesn't add up. Yesterday, Arbab Sahab was beaten up in the Sindh Assembly. PPP was blamed of course, and they vigorously denied, of course. A man in white clothes was also beating him up but the best part is...nobody knows who he was.

Similarly, today the so called lawyers were lashing out (supposedly) at Sher Afghan Niazi but this is totally bizarre.

Why would the champions of human rights go and beat up an unarmed man? Even if they oppose him? Why would those who cry out for justice, commit such a gross violation of basic human rights and hurt the dignity of a fellow human being?

I don't get it. There is something fishy going on around here and something tells me, things aren't getting any better soon.

*morosely*. Not to mention, our main university has been closed for two days because the rangers have gone away and the security situation is growing dangerous by the day..

Karachi is in trouble....rather, Sindh is in trouble.

Oh heck, Pakistan is in trouble !